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Google Translate is a free service where the user can translate words between more than 100 different languages, for example between Swedish and Spanish

Also called: Google Translate

Google Translate can be used in a web browser or as an app on a mobile phone. The service translates between more than 100 different languages.

To make a translation, enter the word or sentences you want to translate in a text box and select your language. Then you select the language you want the program to translate to and the translation then appears automatically.

For several of the languages, it is also possible to make translations by speaking words, translating text on a photo or translating text on, for example, signs directly in the mobile camera.
Here you can read more about the possibilities that exist.

Google translate works on both mobile and computer

For several of the languages, it is possible to install a dictionary on the mobile or computer, which means that Google Translate can be used without the need for a connection.

Google Translate uses machine translation, ie translation using a computer, which has its limitations. The translation is often done word for word and the service cannot apply grammatical rules.
The translations of longer texts are therefore often not completely correct but usually work to understand the context.

Unless one of the languages ​​is English, the translation itself is technically done in two steps. From your own language to English and then from English to the language you want translated into.

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