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How To Grow On TikTok With Your Website

It’s a reality: TikTok is making waves all over the world. It has managed to get more than 1,500 million users quickly. That is why it is ideal for reaching thousands of people and promoting your web portal or blog. We are going to talk about some basic tips on how to grow on TikTok.

Do you want to know some information about why it could benefit your business or brand? If your potential clients are between the ages of 14 and 30, you will be in the right place.

Around 41% of users are between 14 and 25 years old, and 66% are under 30 years old (Cardona, 2021).

How to grow on TikTok: videos with stickers and hashtags

Taking advantage of this social network is essential for your brand. It’s a fun, different way to promote yourself. With videos of up to 15 seconds, in which you can add music, sound clips, hashtags, or stickers, TikTok is a key application for your digital marketing strategy.

We will help you with some basic tips on how to grow on TikTok.

1. Create an engaging bio

When new users come to your profile, the first thing they see is your biography. Before, you could not add there or links or run advertising campaigns. But today, it is possible.

So we recommend adding an attractive, captivating biography (Romero, 2020). 

2. Daily content

Just as it happens in other social networks, in TikTok, the ideal is that you publish daily content. Otherwise, the application’s algorithm will not take you into account to show your content to new users.

You must keep the attention of your followers, and for this, so that they do not go to other profiles, be constant with the publication of videos. If you take into account that you can do them for up to 15 seconds, it will not take you much time, and you will gain more popularity every day (Romero, 2020).

3. Use hashtags

In case you desire to know how to grow on TikTok with your company, it is ideal that you know how to use hashtags. These will help you create a community around ideas, topics, or challenges. In TikTok, you can use 3 types of Hashtags: Culture tags, Featured tags, and Niche tags.

How to use them considering these three types? An effective strategy is for you to combine two hashtags from each category that are relevant to your video.

Another way is to use 5 to 7 keywords in your TikTok video. How to find these words? On the discover page, add the word relevant to your niche and click Hashtags. The most relevant ones will appear there with the number of views (for example, #pilatesencasa 999.4K views) (Affde, 2021).

It could be very useful, too, to create a hashtag for your brand. In this way, they can create a challenge as a team and put it on TikTok with a hashtag that distinguishes them on the network. Thus, they can even connect with people who publish content related to the challenge (Natale, 2020).

4. Advertising with TikTok Ads

How to grow on Tik Tok with your website or blog? One way is through advertising. First, you need to review your budget. Although today the big brands have advertising in the application, soon for small and medium-sized companies, it will be very profitable.

These are the formats offered by TikTok advertising (Cardona, 2021):

TopView: in this format, you will attract all the attention of the users. You can upload videos up to 60 seconds full screen, with sound and without distractions.

In-Feed Ads: It is perfect for telling a creative story about your business or brand. The content will be in the “For you” section of network users. If you make a video of up to 60 seconds, it is an excellent option since users can engage: like or comment on it and share it.

Brand Takeover: This is a large-format ad that appears when users open the app. Only one advertiser can appear per day.

Hashtag Challenge: how to grow on TikTok? With the famous challenge that goes viral in a short time. Your brand presents a challenge and encourages everyone to make videos with a certain hashtag.

Gamified Branded Effect: It is used to interact with users. The idea is to invite them to, through gestures or expressions, make videos with your brand’s products. 

Branded Lenses: your brand can create augmented reality filters for your customers to use in their content.

5. Campaigns with influencers

If you have already advertised on TikTok SEO, upload creative and fun videos every day and use hashtags, one last tip on how to grow on TikTok is to campaign with influencers.

Why do we recommend it? The boys and girls who are part of the Z generation, which is the one that uses the application the most, do not miss the videos of their favorite influencers. Doing a campaign with these can guarantee to reach some users who connect with your brand.

Keep in mind that the influencer’s audience is what you need. Does traditional advertising not reach that audience you want to seduce? Well, there are always forms of collaborative work (Tomas, 2020). With these tips on how to grow on TikTok, we hope that your website or blog will be able to reach your audience more easily. Do not forget for the videos to put a lot of creativity and a sense of humor.

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