Hard to get hold of the new iPad Pro – you may have to wait until July

The pressure on the new and hot iPad Pro is rock hard. There are so many who want the new model that you may have to wait a bit into July before you get your copy. If you order at the same time as we published this article, that is.

If you are really unlucky, the waiting time can increase further if the pressure on Apple’s official online store continues to increase. Thankfully, you do not have to shop from the American store, because there it looks even worse for consumers.

There are several reasons why there are extra long delivery trips right now. First of all, the new iPad Pro is completely new on the market and is one of the major upgrades in the series that we have received so far.

In addition, there is a great shortage of components in the manufacturing industry. Among other things, it is difficult to get hold of the semiconductors required to manufacture processors, something that has hit several product segments hard.

The lack of components hits several Apple products hard. From the company’s latest quarterly report, we know that Macs are also negatively affected.

Other new products such as Apple AirTag are not as severely affected. Here we see a delay until the end of May for a 1-pack. If you want to buy a 4-pack, however, the delivery time increases significantly, by two to three weeks.

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