Have you received a 929 area code scam call?

Have you received a 929 area code scam call?

Have you received a call from an area code you don’t recognize? Scammers nowadays are coming up with new tricks to scan people with phone numbers with legitimate area codes. 

This allows them to trap unsuspecting victims in various scams. Therefore, it will be beneficial to be aware of such dubious calls used by cybercriminals. This article will explain the variants of 929 area code scam calls and how to avoid them.

What is the 929 area code scam?

929 is a legitimate area code of New York City, New York. It covers the Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island boroughs and a few parts of Manhattan. Many online users have reported scam calls from telephone numbers with 929 area code. 

Typically, the scam originating from the 929 area code included messages or calls promoting the sales of products. There have also been reports of messages sent to the victims’ compromised bank accounts. 

Types of 929 area code scams

Scam calls are intended to steal people’s money. Knowing how scam works will help you protect yourself from scammers. 

Scammers wait for victims to call back

A scammer will call you through a robocall autodialer which gives an ID you won’t recognize. They will hang up the call before you reply, arousing your curiosity. The scammer will call you repetitively from an unidentified number until you call them back. 

Scammers target victims through calls

A scammer will call you from an unidentified number and wait for you to pick up the call. At some point in the call, the robocaller may start playing a recording of a person under attack or pleading for medical help. 

It’s natural for any good-hearted person to fall for this trick. Some scammers even pretend to be a doctor or from a law enforcement agency.

Scammers send voice messages

Many scammers may send you voice or text messages similar to the recordings of pleading victims. Some scammers will even act as if the message they sent you was intended for someone else, and they sent it to you by accident. The criminal may ask you to text or call back in their message.

How to avoid 929 area code scams?

If you call back to 929 area code scam numbers, it may cost you more than 20$, which is dubious enough. Secondly, it’s unlikely that anyone you don’t know will call you from an unfamiliar location and ask you to help them. 

People in distress will call on the helpline, not your number. Only answer a phone call if you are sure who is calling you. If you miss a call from an unidentified number, that person can send you a text message. 

In case they don’t, and you don’t know them, don’t call or text back. Furthermore, be vigilant about security updates on your phone, as it is a powerhouse of sensitive information. Also, avoid scam calls stating dubious travel arrangements and holiday bookings with no records of travel agencies.


With the world becoming a global village, more and more people now rely on their smartphones. But this dependence has also given rise to scammers who are always on the hunt for new tricks to scam people out of their hard-earned money. 

One such scam is dubious calls from legitimate area codes like 929. If you receive calls from unidentified numbers asking you to pay money or pleading for help, never call back or pay them any money. In addition, avoid sharing confidential information with unknown people.

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