Health-promoting work or abuse of power? –

Health-promoting work or abuse of power?  -

In Swedish society, families, relationships and relationships are broken up extra much during the same periods every year. In August, divorce applications are higher than at any other time during the year. During Christmas and New Year, the statistics on domestic violence peak and the alarm center’s telephone is rang by people who in the safe corner of the home have been exposed to both. In both cases there are usually children involved and they are the real losers in tragic and traumatic events and experiences. The reasons why both divorce and domestic violence increase specifically during these periods are of course many, however, imminent problems with increased alcohol intake during these times are a fundamental problem. And we all know that alcohol is the big culprit when it comes to families splitting up and children being allowed to experience things that children should not have to experience.
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The strange thing is that we live in a society that is said to want to work to promote the well-being of the population and increase awareness of alcohol abuse and how, among other things, children get sick of substance abuse problems.

And because of the empathetic and caring society we live in, that’s exactly why we nowadays get new restrictions on how we can move on our streets and squares, how many people we can be in a social gathering, how restaurants should place tables their guests, how we should disguise ourselves in public transport and how important it is with chemically produced substances for so-called herd immunity. All in health-promoting work for the well-being and best interests of citizens. Because those in power care about us!

The same rulers who decide what our freedom in society looks like also decide that it is culturally and socially acceptable to get drunk on certain days of the week and especially a little extra during special holidays and also have a monopoly on the sale of alcohol in the country, and normalized it the fact that tobacco and nicotine may be sold completely free to anyone over 18 years of age. The world’s most addictive drug that does nothing but cause illness and death and causes enormous suffering to loved ones. The fact that these two addictive and unhealthy products are sold completely openly and also indirectly is encouraged for the use of our rulers who say they care about our health is very puzzling to me.

What puzzles me even more is that other products that are neither addictive, unhealthy or inappropriate are banned on the right and left – everything from different types of natural medicinal herbs to alternative supplements and vitamins. Something that the average person should be allowed to decide works or does not work when it comes to health promotion work, as long as it is not directly dangerous or poses a risk. Those in power who say they care about the health of the population should probably in that case ban alcohol and tobacco, for example, but allow a high content of vitamins in addition to promote the well-being of individuals and give them the tools that are available?

Or is their health-promoting work only about helping the population through social distancing, deprivation of liberty, lack of oxygen, fresh air and sunlight as well as injection of chemical substances? If you think that this is for the good of the collective, you should probably review how you look at health and well-being.
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The mental well-being of the population around the country has been stagnant in the past year. People are isolated in their homes and who knows what is going on within the four walls of the home. The children are again the real losers in these times. Soon it does not matter if it is August or Christmas and New Year. As mental illness increases, so does violence and alcohol consumption in humans.

So if you think the country’s rulers care about your health by trying to separate you from your fellow human beings, limit your oxygen intake, reduce your physical activities and incite you to inject chemical substances into your body while shrugging your shoulders and looking at others when standing with one cigarette in one hand and a can of beer in the other – think again.

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