Highlights, fails and outlook for 2021 + Win a HomePod mini – NOW in an apple chat!

1 week with M1-MacBook Air |  Apple Watch S7 design wishes

The last edition in the old year is of course again a special edition: We look back on 2020 and talk about our personal highlights with Apple products. Valentin is back with Lukas and me, welcome to our largely corona-free Apple annual review.

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Today’s topics

  • 00:00:00: Intro and drivel
  • 00:02:40: Contest: HomePod mini (participation by email to [email protected])
  • 00:05:50: The Apple price-performance winner 2020
  • 00:17:35: The Apple Fail 2020
  • 00:30:00: The Biggest Apple Disappointment 2020
  • 00:43:10: Apple’s favorite 2020 feature
  • 00:53:20: Our sponsor tink: (-> New Year SmartHome Deals on tink)
  • 00:55:00: The biggest Apple surprise in 2020
  • 01:09:15: Our favorite Apple product 2020
  • 01:22:30: Our biggest Apple wish for 2021

Competition: HomePod mini

As a “Apfelplausch” listener, you can win a HomePod mini as a thank you for your loyalty in 2020. The HomePod is provided to us by Bluestein. With the code “Apple page 20 ″ You also save 20% on the new Bluestein link bracelets for the Apple Watch! Visit the products at!

  • participation: Email to [email protected] with subject “Contest HomePod”
  • running time: 1 week

Our sponsor: TINK

The smart home shop has had a special campaign in its program since December 26th. The bank is reducing popular smart home products that are supposed to make time at home more pleasant. This includes products from Google, BOSCH, Sonos, tado, PHILIPS hue, Netatmo, Eve, Withings, nuki and others. There is even a 66% discount on some PHILIPS hue sets. Most offers are “only” reduced by 25 to 30%. Have a look! Thanks to tink for the support at the apple chat.

The year 2020 is coming to an end: We use the last episode before the turn of the year to look back. For this we have invited another guest: colleague Valentin looks with us at our personal tops and flops of the past year. At the beginning, however, I would like to draw your attention to our competition in the Apple Fun:

Listeners can win a HomePod Mini from us, more details in the broadcast.


The Apple year in seven categories

We talk about what we particularly liked and what we found particularly bad and about some other aspects of 2020. Overall, we have divided the review into seven categories and wish you a lot of fun listening and a lot of fun with the competition.

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