Home office until mid-2021: Apple revised the revised schedule

Home office until mid-2021: Apple revised the revised schedule

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Apple is unlikely to bring its employees back to the offices until summer 2021. This extends the time spent working from home by a few months. At the same time, there is already a tendency for the time after Corona: Not only Apple will probably increasingly rely on work from the home desk in the future.

Apple is postponing the return of its workforce to the company’s offices. According to the current state of affairs, employees in Apple Park, the old headquarters, and the other offices around the world will probably not return to their workplaces regularly until the middle of next year. Apple boss Tim Cook said today in a discussion with employees from the Bloomberg agency quoted.
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In the middle of the year, Cook was aiming to return to the office in early 2021, but since then Apple has had to adjust its schedules several times as events develop.

The home office offers completely new possibilities of flexibility

In fact, there is no substitute for personal contact at work, underlined Cook in his speech. However, in the course of the corona pandemic. A  lot has been learned about new, extremely flexible, and innovative forms of work that are possible in the home office.

What this means for the workforce in the post-Corona period is not yet entirely clear.
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Other digital corporations such as Facebook and Google had already indicated that they would want to rely much more heavily on home offices in the future, and Twitter has even set this as the new standard for the time being.

It remains to be seen whether this is always an advantage for the employees. The fact is that certain questions of personal daily and life planning can be better dealt with in the home office. But in the future employers could also be tempted to free themselves from usual obligations at work. The home office does not necessarily have to have a positive financial effect on the employee. The legislator will be asked to identify and compensate for possible new imbalances.

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