Horizon Forbidden West’s first gameplay impresses

Horizon Forbidden West's first gameplay impresses

Now we have for the first time seen pure gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West and here we have a game that will make our PS5 sweat.

We do not have very many games on Playstation 5 that really make the console sweat and that really show what the console actually goes for graphically.

But after watching this gameplay video for the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West that comes to both PS4 and PS5, I can imagine that the PS5 version will make the consoles sweat a lot, play in 4K 60 FPS with the richness of detail that Horizon Forbidden West actually offers is impressive.
We will play as the same character as in the first game, Aloy continues his adventure but in completely new areas, new enemies, new weapons and several new mechanics. Very new and it is a game that you really look forward to.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released later this year, we do not have a specific date at the moment, but I think the developers will have to take the time and release the game when they feel ready, much to look forward to!

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