How big is the iPhone fold? | Chaos at the Apple Car | AR glasses not for the masses? – Apple fun 179

How big is the iPhone fold?  |  Chaos at the Apple Car |  AR glasses not for the masses?  - Apple fun 179

We had decided not to talk so long about the Apple Car – but it was long with the Apple glasses. Well, there is always something. With that, I warmly welcome you to the new edition of Apfelplausch, today: Episode 179.

As usual, we start this with a letter from you: The second letter to the editor brings us straight into the action.

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Today’s topics

  • 00:00:00: Intro and drivel
  • 00:05:30: Listener post: Glucose sensor as a subscription model in the watch? | AR glasses from Apple only in the business environment?
  • 00:18:00: Rumors, patents and news about Apple AR glasses
  • 00:29:45: iOS 14.5 Beta: Standard music service, map updates, data protection feature in Safari
  • 00:39:00: Apple Car Updates and New Rumors: What’s the Stand?
  • 00:52:45: iPhone Fold: New rumors and Roman and Lukas discuss the concept
  • 01:12:00: Apple Software Quality in Recent Years: New Study
  • 01:22:00: Exciting portrait of Tim Cook as CEO: between cost freak and diplomat

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What’s new about glasses?

A little has been said about that here possible display technology speculated, but we’re also talking in detail today about possible uses.

What’s new from the Apple Car?

Better ask what doesn’t exist, namely still no paver, that could probably take a while, we had the week about the latest developments reported, in the broadcast we try again to classify it.

What’s new from the iPhone Fold?

Well, actually not that much: there was this video, but we get into a bit of a chat again and talk in detail about possible uses of a folded iPhone or about who will probably not buy it.

A look at the software

Let’s talk about a few more first What’s new in iOS 14.5that are currently in beta and that we but very welcome.

Then we talk about the software quality from Apple, since our assessments differ slightly. This topic was triggered by a survey, which, however, had researched the status in 2020.

Reading recommendation

And finally we have a reading tip for you: Lukas outlines a portrait of Tim Cook and his leadership at Apple that is worth reading, read here again.

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