How can we develop an app for both Android and iOS?

As we can see the outrageous use of gadgets and devices are continuously increasing. So, that every business is trying to expand their services as well. The best source of growing businesses is to be available on each and every platform. This will allow you the most visibility and eventually great sales. Android app development companies are making hefty amount every day by creating an app for business owners. The old school business strategies sometime do not work. We must update ourselves to adopt new ways and solutions for giving better competition in marketplace. Here is the solution how can we develop an application for Android and iOS both. So, fasten your seatbelts to learn most demanding skill of the time.

Scope of android and iOS apps:

There are around 7.9 billion people in this world till date. And around 80% of them uses mobile phones these days. And approximately 70% amongst them use smart phones. And we all know, the mechanism on which smart phones work upon. So, to create an accessible solution for mobile phones. Brands, service providers, and companies are required to develop their fully functional application. And the high demand of mobile usage is directly proportional to the iOS android app development. You can imagine the whole evaluation within a minute.

How to develop an app for both:

There are few basics steps that are prerequisites while initiating or planning something. Similarly, goes with the app development. Here is the step-by-step solution for app-building for android and iOS:

1.      Get your imagination on paper:

When you idealize something, that is actually an imaginative picture of your thoughts. So, the first and foremost important step is to pen down your ideas. And create a prototype structural design. Set your goals. Research the market and learn from the competitive industry the market. Target your audience, and think about key features and options you want to see in your app. And last but not least, plan and design your app design but it must be according to your niche.
– Interface:
This is quite an important factor in application development. Because this will be going to decide to wither people will use your app or not. Make sure to provide your audience with a quality UI and UX experience.

  • Type of app suite your business well:
    Know about your business and choose as per that. Which type of app suits your business nature. There are two main type of apps which are as follows:
    1. Native apps 2. progressive web app
  • Choose the way to create an app:

There are three main options to build up your application are:
– Develop an application for your business or service on your own. This may require time and efforts. If you have significant skill, then you are good to go. This will save you plenty of marketing investment.

  • Choose and agency or an individual to create an app for you:

Android app development agencies are widely available who offers their professional services for all digital solutions. Web development, app development, digital marketing, social media campaigns etc. on the other hand you can hire a freelance developer to create an app for you.

  • You can use already available app builders to create a no code application for your start up or business.

4.      Test your application:

Once you assemble all the bricks of app development. You are now in a state to check your app if it is working properly by all means or not

5.      Publish on stores:

After test of app, it is the time to create and account as a developer on stores. They charge some amount for that it may vary as per the store’s policy. Now, it is time to get your application publish on the mainstream stores for audience.

Pro tip for app development:
Must assure that you improve your app time to time. keep it up to date as per the updates of android or iOS software.
Accept critical or negative feedback and make it productive by improving your app.

If stuck and want professional help or any sort of solution for your digital need. Reach out to us for an expert and quality services.

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