How has Oppo managed to compete with other major phone manufacturers in recent times?

How has Oppo managed to compete with other major phone manufacturers in recent times?

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Oppo may be able to compete with the larger phone manufacturers

The question is, can Oppo compete with the larger manufacturers, such as Samsung, Apple or Huawei? Oppo has not really sold as many phones as the other manufacturers on previous occasions, but their new models are predicted to be very popular and will still be sold in several countries in Europe.

The new Oppo Find X3 Pro is a solid machine that delivers first-class performance, design and experience. It contains, among other things, advanced camera technology that makes it possible for fantastic close-ups and up to 60 times magnification, something that can possibly attract customers who prefer a camera with strong functionality.

The company has also put a lot of gunpowder on the screen. The screen can display as much as 1 billion color tones, which contributes fantastic images, and also gives the camera’s images justice. In addition to this, the phone has 256 GB of storage and 12 GB of working memory, which will suffice for most tasks, and you can save a lot of files directly in the phone. The mobile is strong enough for most mobile games, such as simulators, RPG games and casino games by players such as Hajper Casino, but also manages to take awesome pictures and all the other usual tasks expected of a mobile.

As an added bonus, the phone is too water resistant. It’s not very difficult to understand why Oppo’s new mobile phone can possibly compete with the phones from the major manufacturers, right?

Oppo and Oneplus merge departments

An additional factor that can affect Oppo’s success is the fact that they are setting up their development department together with Oneplus. This can result in faster development and greater exposure thanks to the broadening of their skills, but also because they have access to more labor.

This could ultimately lead to Oppo gaining greater success in the market, and possibly also that in the future they can compete with larger manufacturers such as Huawei, Apple and Samsung.

One of the reasons for the merger is that both companies are owned by the same parent company, namely the giant technology company BBK Electronics. The conglomerate even outperformed all manufacturers except Samsung when they delivered 56.7 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2017, which really proves how strong and popular this company is. For this reason, there is reason to believe that the merger of Oppos and Oneplus’ development departments could result in great deeds for Oppo’s future development.


Oppos is an interesting company that, among other things, delivers smart mobile phones. They have recently managed to rise among the giants, and are expected to become even stronger in the future. Their latest venture Oppo Find X3 Pro is now also launched on the European market, which means that the company gets greater exposure.

Whether the company will actually be able to compete with the biggest giants is difficult to determine, but considering how they have produced in the past, together with the fact that their new mobile phones and the upcoming collaboration with Oneplus’s development department, it looks promising to say the least.

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