How Is TikTok A Game Changer In Community Management?

How Is TikTok A Game Changer In Community Management

TikTok is an internationally popular app among social media platforms. It has reached 1 billion active users worldwide in the past year. The app has attained astronomical success, but still, numerous brands are reserved for jumping onto TikTok and showcasing their business. They are still not ready to include TikTok in their social media strategy. This misperception should be avoided. Diversely, TikTok is an app that drives strong engagement among the audience. If you are a TikToker looking to meet huge followers, you can buy tiktok shares and acquire the possibility of holding high share counts in the online market. 

TikTok is now considered a user-friendly app as the algorithm is quite suitable for marketers. However, one of the biggest worries for social media marketers is to reach the target audience and create a strong community. So let us dive deep into the topics to overview all the best practices that help your community management. 

TikTok Reshaping Community Management

TikTok is a place where individuals are encouraged to show their humanizing, genuine, and own selves. It is the same scenario when it comes to brands too. TikTok users are expecting that brands will showcase their true colors. Most features, trends, and ongoing challenges in TikTok are unrevealing users’ humanizing side and reality in real time. Moreover, brands need to work on connecting with TikTok users on a more personal level, and you need to care about your customers. 

Once brands start to build community, never leave your follower counts irrespective of any chances. You need to maintain the count as far as possible. With strong community management, many popular brands have achieved their goals. Below you can explore the examples of brands and their community management strategies. You can learn more insights from them. If the brand needs to build credibility for your brand in TikTok, then try using EarnViews and gain more ROI. 

Successful Brand Examples In Community Management

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the foreign language learning apps that has nearly 4.5 million followers and 85 million likes on the TikTok app. Do you believe that? See the potential of TikTok! The Duolingo marketing team has made a bold move where they colorfully showcased the owl face in their TikTok videos. That’s a simple move, but they acquired a sky-high reach. Apart from the comic character, the company followed some more strategies for community management. 

  • They commented on other brands’ videos. 
  • Hoped on viral trends that align with their brand objectives. 
  • Showcasing the fun side of the business. 
  • Posting videos with the teams of the company. 
  • Breaking out all the customs of social media posting and thinking unique. 

2. Ryanair

Like Duolingo, Ryanair uses a person dressed up as a comic and does videos like they are working at the office. It is pretty funny and entertaining to the audience. They allow their TikTok videos to perform the stitches and duets too. The community management tactics on Raynair include,

  • The digital marketing team responds to as many comments as possible. Instead of robotic answers, they type the messages to people to build organic engagement. 
  • As usual, the community managers will take viewers’ positive comments and generate the content. But Ryanair marketers do it in the opposite. That is quite wondering where they use negative feedback and reviews to create new content. When the company is trying to improve itself, the audience will feel that the company is prioritizing them. So, in turn, there builds a great bond between the company and its customers. 
  • Make TikTok Challenges for other brands to comment on the brand’s TikTok videos. As TikTok is full of challenges, it will indeed work out!

3. The Weather Channel

Showing your online presence on TikTok will not reap better results. Community managers need to be proactive and reactive. A pretty simple example is that a TikToker has posted a video on her dad checking out a weather channel to see whether the given cloud photo by him is telecasting. Once the video was posted on TikTok, the weather channel made the stitch with the original video. It is how instant collaboration has resulted in better campaign engagement. Furthermore, You can try using EarnViews to amplify your reach. 

Wrapping Up

Building an online community is relatively easy, but maintaining it needs skills and tactics. The essential factor for all brands or businesses is community management. So, community managers are responsible for using the opportunities and should make the brand engage with the target audience. Keep in mind that TikTok is entirely exploration. So take risks and don’t hesitate to show the different sides of your brand. Accentuate your uniqueness! If you stick to your goals, no one will beat your competition. If you find this article worth reading, then leave your feedback below! Thanks for reading! 

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