How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Take to Ship?

mechanical keyboards

A mechanical keyboard is an electromechanical computer input device by which discrete key switches are attached. It is the best technology for typing at a faster speed.

Other types of keyboards are lighter and cheaper. It can be the best opt for better typing. The mechanical keyboard can be loud on clicking the keys. It feels soft and smooth to the touch. You can choose wireless silent keyboards.

How long does it take Mechanical Keyboards to Ship?

Mechanical keyboards delivery requires only two minutes, if only you already have it in your home and need to carry it!

If you talk about the shipping of mechanical keyboards from the manufacturer then, it can take months to be delivered to your house if you live far from the main road. It may take time to customize that with your favorite keys.

It is also possible to get a mechanical keyboard the following day when you order that late at night. If you live at a known place in a big city, then you can enjoy the parcel delivery the very next day.

If your parcels take two to three days to reach your home, you will probably get the mechanical keyboard in the same duration. You can search on Amazon for the delivery options.

Does Mechanical Keyboard Ship Fast?

If you order from the official website of mechanical keyboards, they will deliver the mechanical keyboard the next business day. If the mechanical keyboard is in stock, it will likely be delivered in only a day. If you need same-day delivery, you will be charged extra dollars to ship the mechanical keyboard. Sometimes unknown shipping addresses and mismatched billing can delay the parcels.

Delivery from Amazon

If you order a mechanical keyboard from Amazon, it offers you many options for delivery. Amazon offers free shipping on specific days. The fastest delivery days are specified. You can enjoy free returns and exchanges. You can also have an Amazon Prime Store card to buy the products on Amazon. You can also get a Protection Plan for 2 and 3 years. You can also be entertained with the Amazon warranty and support services.

Let’s see some mechanical keyboards available on Amazon and these are reviewed by PC custom Builder.

Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

·         Connectivity Technology: USB

·         Lighting: RGB lights

·         Compatible: PC, Laptops, and computers

·         Number of keys: 103

Fiodio mechanical keyboard is popular among gamers, typists, and programmers. This mechanical keyboard has blue switches that make hearing effects while clicking on the keys. The keyboard has luminous backlit keys that are great for the gaming environment.

There is an option to correct the brightness of the keyboard’s lighting. It has a splash-resistant design. It is an exceptionally durable mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is compatible with all Windows versions. This keyboard is user-friendly, responsive, and easy to connect with USB.

It will make you feel active during gaming or typing because it is anti-fatigue. It can be shipped within one or two days in New York.

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

·         Connectivity: Wired

·         Compatible device: PC

·         Number of keys: 87

·         Special Feature: Backlit

Redragon K552 mechanical gaming keyboard is compact and has a dust proof design. The sound of a clear click enables fast action with less resistance. It has 19 different lighting effects and two user modes for gaming. It is made with highly durable material and with high-quality keys.

The keys have non-slip and splash-proof ergonomics. It has a corrosion-free USB connector and is compatible with all Windows versions and brands of computers. This mechanical keyboard can be delivered in one day within New York.

YoChic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Full Size

·         Connectivity: USB

·         Compatible device: PC

·         Number of keys: 104

·         Special Feature: foldable and backlit

This mechanical keyboard has nine adjustable lighting modes. It has five types of brightness adjustment. It creates a great gaming environment. It gives a comfortable typing experience with a good click sound.

The letters written on the keys are not fading due to their ergonomics and reliability. It is a high-quality wired keyboard. It has a water-resistant design. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android. This mechanical keyboard can be delivered within 3 to 4 days in America’s big cities.


Mechanical keyboards are better for typing, gaming, and programming. They will take the same duration to ship to your home, whatever the other products take. It depends on the delivery services and some factors like your address and billing method to get the parcels delayed. 

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