How long does it take to complete Little Nightmares II? Here is the answer

Are you considering getting Little Nightmares II now that the game is released? Maybe you are wondering how far the game is considering that the price tag is about half of what a normal AAA game costs?

Then we have the answer for you here. Little Nightmares II has a completely new story, new characters and nicer track design with more details to stop and look at. If you skip everything you can take a closer look at so takes the game around 5-6 hours to complete.

Reading tips: Little Nightmares II is free for Stadia Pro users

The puzzles you encounter are not convincingly difficult but are seen more as a break between the occasions when Mono and Six are chased by the game’s horrific inhabitants.

It may take a little longer than the 5-6 hours the game is estimated to take to complete if you do not become friends with the somewhat clumsy controls.
However, there are no major problems and it is quick to get used to.

Some of the fastest replays took just four hours. But here we are talking about people who already know how to solve the game’s puzzle and have an eye on all the tricky jumping sections where Mono can easily fall to his death.

For those who have already passed the first Little Nightmares, it may be worth knowing how far the game actually is. And the second is twice as long as the first game, at least in terms of how long the story is.

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