How long does the Nintendo Switch (OLED) have battery life?


Many have been waiting for Nintendo to present a new and improved Switch model, and now we have finally got a new Switch (OLED)! But what about the “improvements” Nintendo? Where is the improved battery life?

  • Exactly the same battery capacity as the old Switch from 2019
  • No difference in battery life (seriously Nintendo?)
  • The OLED screen does not help with energy saving

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Nintendo has cut the improvements – really!

When Nintendo introduced the Switch (OLED), many initially hoped for major improvements compared to the two-year-old Switch (2019).

But hopes were quickly dashed when Nintendo confirmed that the Switch (OLED) has same, old hardware under the 7 inch large and improved OLED screen.

Unfortunately, this also applies to the battery, which – according to the information provided by Nintendo – does not seem to have improved at all.

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Nintendo Switch 2019
No difference in battery life between Switch (OLED) and Switch 2019

Same battery life in Switch (OLED) as its predecessor

On the official website, Nintendo states that the new Switch (OLED) has exactly the same capacity and battery life as the Switch (2019).

  • Battery capacity: 4 310 mAh
  • Battery life: about 4.5 to 9 hours
  • Charging time: about 3 hours

This is an indication that the battery has not been given more capacity and that the OLED screen has no energy-saving function.

Normally, OLED screens draw no power if they display a completely black pixel. This allows you to save energy compared to an LCD screen when, for example, a black background is displayed.
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Here, however, it does not seem to be enough to have a positive impact on battery life.

Why does the Switch (OLED) not have better battery life?

We are critical of the fact that Nintendo has not improved the battery life of the new model.

With its larger screen, the entire construction has become slightly larger, which should provide space for a slightly larger battery. And with the better battery life.

But what really happened? There are two probable reasons for Nintendo’s choice here:

  • Nintendo uses old battery technology and existing inventory to save money
  • Nintendo wants to use a new, improved battery but does not have the manufacturing capacity

It is unlikely that Nintendo will reveal why they do not have better battery life in the new model, but it is always possible to speculate. What do you think is the reason?
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