How long does the OnePlus Watch have battery life?

If there is one thing that is becoming increasingly important for smartwatch users, it is battery life.
It is not fun to charge your smartwatch every night, especially if you want to use your watch for sleep measurement.

There are not very many smartwatches with a really long battery life today.

Apple Watch absolutely does not have it.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series has slightly sharper battery life, but if you want really good battery life, it is sports watches that apply today.

At least until today. With the OnePlus Watch, we finally get a proper smartwatch that has a long battery life – without compromising on screen quality, performance or functionality.

OnePlus Watch has two weeks of battery life and fast charging

OnePlus watch has up to two weeks of battery life and also supports fast charging.

Under the screen is a large battery of 402 mAh. With fast charging, you get a full-day use of five minutes, or a week’s use of 20 minutes.

For fast charging to work, you must have a Warp Charge compatible charger. For example, the one that comes with OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro respectively.

One reason why OnePlus Watch has such a long battery life is thanks to RTOS. It is the operating system in the smartwatch that is optimized for the internal hardware. So OnePlus Watch does NOT use Wear OS, which we might be grateful for.

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