How much does Geforce Now 2021 cost?

Nvidia increases the price of Geforce Now for new customers. The gaming service now costs SEK 99 per month or SEK 990 annually. For old customers who have already paid in advance, the price is the same for the period.

When Geforce Now was introduced in 2020, it was like a beta gaming service. According to Nvidia, the price has so far been set based on the knowledge that Geforce Now was not ready for the wider masses.

Now that Geforce Now is considered ready to be released in its finished form, Nvidia is taking the opportunity to shock the price. From SEK 49 to SEK 99 for monthly payers. Anyone who wants to pay annually can pay a thousand kronor.

Geforce Now 2.0.28 improves the quality of your game streams
Nvidia has updated Geforce Now with support for adaptive V-sync. This means you can stream games with Vsync and get up to 60Hz synchronized with your screen. It minimizes the risk of screen tearing, microstutters and other nuisances.

Anyone who already has an account and pays for a so-called Founders subscription will be able to keep the original price. At least for some time to come. New, paying subscribers automatically receive Geforce Now Priority, which is the name of the new and more expensive subscription.

It’s been a little over a year (for the founders price). And now we’re coming with the main plan, which we call GeForce Now Priority.

Phil Eisler, Head of Geforce Now

Phil Eisler is responsible for Geforce Now at Nvidia and he believes that $ 9.99, or SEK 99 in Sweden, has always been the main goal for the company.

The reason for the higher price is that Nvidia wants the gaming service to be able to continue to grow and develop, something that requires revenue at a level that the new price tag will cover.

By halving the latest price during the entire development phase, Nvidia has been able to attract a larger base of players that they now hope to retain, despite the price increase and with support for upwards of 800 game titles (including acclaimed / hated games like Cyberpunk 2077).

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