How much does it cost to repair iPad Pro (2021)

Are you considering buying a new generation iPad Pro (2021) ?. Then you should first know how much it costs to repair the tablet if it breaks.

If you choose not to get AppleCare + for your iPad Pro, it costs many thousands to fix the tablet. A little depending on what is wrong of course.

Serious errors cost more than SEK 5,000 to repair

The entire iPad Pro series is very advanced and it’s not the easiest thing for Apple to fix the tablets when they break.

This applies regardless of whether it is the glued-on screen that has broken, or if something on the inside has it.

Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that Apple demands an extreme 699 USD, or about 5,900 kronor excluding VAT, for a repair of iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) – if you do not have AppleCare +, that is.

The smaller 11-inch model costs USD 499, or around SEK 4,200 excluding VAT.

AppleCare + is the cheapest option

Of course, you do not have to bear the costs that arise due to manufacturing defects.

But if you want a more comprehensive protection than a screen protector and cover, then AppleCare + may be a necessary solution.

The price is SEK 1,495 for protection and support at Apple for two years after the purchase date. You can buy the two-year protection directly or pay a monthly cost that is ongoing.

1 year warranty / 3 year warranty

Do not forget that you always have a three-year right to make a complaint. That means Apple has to fix your gadgets that have occurred without you making them.

You also have a one-year warranty with Apple, which is better than the right of complaint, but not as comprehensive as AppleCare +.

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