How much does the Razer Kiyo Pro cost?

Razer Kiyo Pro is a new, improved webcam that was released in February 2021. The new model complements the old Kiyo from 2017 with a new camera sensor, improved optics and not least a sky-high price tag.

  • Approximate price of 219 euros with shipping or around 2,200 kronor
  • A price increase of 60 percent against old Kiyo
  • Higher resolution, HDR and better camera sensor
  • Lacks the built-in ring light that Kiyo has

Razer Kiyo Pro has a recommended approximate price of 209 euros. That’s the cost when you buy your webcam via Razer’s own online store.
In addition, there is a 10 euro shipping cost.

The final cost will be 219 euros, which will be converted to approximately SEK 2,200 with shipping to Sweden.

Reading tips: Does the Razer Kiyo Pro have built-in lighting / ring lights?

At the time of writing, Swedish online stores have not received the webcam in stock, or even posted the product with Swedish prices. Expect a price a bit above what Razer takes with surcharges and shipping within Sweden.

Compared to the old Razer Kiyo, it is a price increase of almost 60 percent. For the extra premium, you get higher resolution, HDR support and a much better camera sensor. What you do not get, however, is the built-in ring light that Kiyo has.

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