Instagram is not just an app for scrolling is it much more than that now. With the evolution of time, it has changed drastically as well. With its 1 billion active users, and 500 million users using this app on regular basis. It has turned out to be more than just a photo-sharing app. If you are intending on making money on this platform then marketing on Instagram is the answer to your question.

It can be via sharing cranky videos or posting aesthetically pleasing pictures, this platform is surely the way to make the most out of it and earn money making money with Instagram is really easy you just have to keep a few things in your mind and you are good to go. Like using the right type of hashtags, posting pictures that are aesthetically pleasing, using strategies that would increase engagement on your profile, coming up with your own style etc.

In this marketing industry, it’s all about engagement. And having 100k fake followers won’t do any good to you rather It will surely lessen your Australian Instagram followers a bit more. You can make money on Instagram by generating licenses for your own photos or videos. Or either by selling the sponsored posts.

How can you start making money on Instagram?

This question can be answered in this way that firstly never underestimate yourself, Like many other famous influencers you can also reach the level from where you can start earning. But it surely requires dedication, consistency and time. Making money through Instagram is not the only way you can earn money there are other ways as well through which you can make money online if you are unable to reach that level on Instagram. 

There are few influencers that have reached that level with much dedication and now are getting paid for their content on regular basis starting off with.

Liz Eswein

A 25-year-old influencer started off her journey by posting pictures about her home town NYC of course. Now with her 1.2 million followers, she commands $15,000 per shot and $1 per like for the sponsored Instagram.

Jason Stein

Moving forward to Jason stein, from being just a user he changed himself into a valuable asset for the companies. Later on, he launched a laundry service, which was basically a social media agency that linked brands with influencers.

Daniel Bernstein

With her 1 million followers she has become the new sensation in the fashion industry. It is estimated recently that she charges like $ 5,000 and 15,000 for promoting just one post regarding the brand she’s photographed with.

Nash garier

He is just 16 years old but has turned about to be the new superstar with 8.4 million followers, he has worked with some huge brands like virgin mobile and many others that are paying him like $25k to $ 100 k.

How much does Instagram tend to pay for each post?

It entirely depends upon the influencer’s dedication and hard work. As they are some brands that pay like $5 to $10 for 10,000 followers. While there are some who pay you $ 100 for every 100 followers.

According to a recent survey done by the USA that an influencer with 10k uk instagram followers, and 50 k active users can easily earn up to few thousand per post. And if someone tends to have up to 1 million followers then they can see up to $ 10, 000 per post. Moreover, if someone has followers of more than 1 million then they can earn up to 100,000 or more.

So if you are interested in earning money from Instagram then there are some prerequisites that are ought to be followed. Which are follows:

  • You should reach out and influence: famous business man tend to invest their money on Instagram for a user like you because by doing so they ll be getting exposure to your audience, not just that but in this process they can make money by having your followers liking or buying their products.
  • Being consistent and trying increasing the engagement: By doing so you can strengthen your bond with your audience which will surely increase your online traffic and will built trust.
  • Using hashtags that are relevant to your brand is the key: Randomly using the hashtags is not going to help you in increasing the engagement. If you wish to do so then you surely need to start using hashtags that are relevant to your brand. I would honestly recommend posting 10- 15 hashtags for each post.
  • Coming up with creative and unique content: Having a content that s unique and creative is all you need in order to increase your followers. Because people like to see new thing they prefer investing their energies in thing that are unique.
  • Try building your relationship with famous influencers: strengthening your bond with the famous influencers can be of great help. It will not only increase engagement but will help you gain your customers trust.

There are some tactics through which you can start earning money on Instagram

  • Try selling your photos: If you are a blogger than you surely have some stock images. But this tactic entirely depends upon your photography skills. Because if you are not then don’t expect to earn thousands of dollars each month for your amateur photography.
  • Sponsored posts: It is considered as one of the most famous tactic of earning money these days through Instagram. Good thing about these posts is that people can earn up to $150k those who have following more than 7 million.
  • Using Instagram shortcuts to affiliate marketing:  These are basically the screenshots of others profile that are used as a support and give exposure with the other users. 

Thus if you tend to make these tactics a part of your Instagram strategy then you can surely reach up to the level where you can earn easily from this platform all you need is effort and dedication in order to achieve your goal.

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