How Pre-recorded Live Streaming Works

Live streaming is the newest trend that everybody wants to hop on. As soon as people figure out how things work for the live stream, they start to stream anything according to their preferences. With all the enthusiasm that they have in the initial phase, they do multiple live streams in a short span of time. This can be a good start for a person who is new to the streaming world. But streams have to be deliver in a proportionate manner to gain an audience. But this is not a problem anymore because platforms are now providing several options that can help you stream the pre-recorded live streaming anytime. This is also helpful if you want your live stream to be perfect and you are afraid to directly interact with the audience live. It has many advantages and here we will provide all the details of how pre-recorded live streaming works. 

Live Streaming

Any media that is jointly recorded and transmit live is refer to as live streaming. Streaming differs from live streaming in that it is only available on demand. It has previously been record. While in live streaming everything is on the spot. The benefit of live streaming while also being film during the performance is that it allows the audience to watch the broadcast while also putting pressure on the artist performing.

Live streaming has all of the spontaneity and thrills of a live performance. And, because most platforms allow for fan interaction, live streaming actually outperforms a live show in terms of audience interaction. This excitement and involvement is what has made live streaming such a popular way for musicians to connect with fans who are missing live music.

How Live Streaming and Pre-Recorded Videos Are Different

Pre-recorded videos and live videos each have their own location and time, making one or the other more appropriate. Pre-recorded videos are excellent for conveying concepts, which is one of the most significant differences. So, if you ever have to do something like a blog video or a sales page video, you have to sit down and provide very specific information that you don’t want to get lost in or ramble over. It will take the time to plan it out and film it. 

The great thing about live videos is that they are designed to engage viewers. You have to interact with the audience to make a live streaming successful. Whereas, with the pre-recorded streaming, it makes no sense to go into unnecessary details. It depends on the nature of your requirement that you chose between Live streaming or pre-recorded streaming. 

Setup the Pre-recorded Live Stream

We recommend the following steps for setting up a high-quality pre-recorded live feed.

  • To publish your streams, LivePush is a fantastic enterprise-level video service.
  • Videos that have been pre-recorded and uploaded, whether they were generated through your video gateway or shot elsewhere.

A camera showing live streaming 

  • Both OBS and VLC Player are free and open-source software that can assist you in locating, configuring, and playing back your videos.
  • A computer that will be online for the length of your stream’s playback.

LivePush Pre-recorded Live Scheduler 

Livepush is a video streaming dashboard that provides live media streaming, live scheduling, and VOD hosting services. It is built on a highly scalable cloud to stream live events at any scale. Easily broadcast live media to over 45 streaming platforms at the same time, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and LinkedIn, with no additional effort from the user.

Livepush website interface

For live and recorded media streaming, Livepush supports HD, Full HD, and 4k resolutions and automatically encodes them into low-to-high resolutions for a faster and more adaptable streaming experience. Livepush provides multiple free plans to avail Twitch and Youtube streaming at the same time. 

Visit Livepush to schedule the pre-recorded session. 


Pre-recorded streaming has solved all the problems of matching the deadlines. Now you don’t have to worry about crucial broadcasts or crazy timezones. It will all be solved with one pre-recorded session. LivePush provides many functionalities for your streaming.

  • With LivePush, you can pre-record your crucial broadcast or paid content and schedule it to be live at your desired time. 
  • LivePush accepts all variations of bandwidth and bitrate in incoming streams and forwards it to the site.
  • LivePush supports all kinds of streaming platforms and now you can stream through RTMP server/key pair.

Final Thoughts

Streaming for the pre-recorded session has indeed solved multiple problems for streamers. Now they don’t have to miss deadlines and to worry about not posting anything while they are busy with any other issue. They can simply pre-record their content and schedule it with LivePush.

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