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How to Build and Upgrade Your Own Extreme Gaming PC

How to Build and Upgrade Your Own Extreme Gaming PC by

Constructing your individual gaming computer can be a frightening, thrilling, menacing, as well as worthwhile practice. Building a machine of your own with a variety of electronic parts is quite a thrill. It also allows you to create something that is tailored for you and built to your own budget, specifications and preferences.

Creating a gaming computer can accumulate your wealth compare to purchasing a pre-built PC from a seller, or it can let you to form a enormous gaming PC that will run games on mega settings for many years. If you’re looking to create something that can handle high-end gaming, video rendering, and even streaming.

A Gaming Monitor:-

Your old TV or monitor probably doesn’t have enough resolution for optimal gaming. It also probably doesn’t support the high refresh rates required for smooth, high-resolution gaming. Before buying a new PC or TV monitor, check whether it supports WQHD (2560 x 1440) or 4K (3840 x 2160) resolutions or not. Also, watch out for repetition rates of 120 Hz or higher. Even if the game runs smoothly at 60 Hz (for 60 FPS), there is no going back once you’ve experienced repetition rates beyond 120 Hz.


While each of the components has their role to play, none of them could function without the support of the motherboard. Every device inside the PC is connected to it in order for the computer to function. Choosing the right motherboard depends on other factors. It is important to remember to thoroughly check your motherboard’s specifications before purchasing any other parts to ensure that they not only fit but also work with your system.  Since our goal is to develop an extreme gaming PC, we decided on a suitable motherboard. These high-end motherboards support loads of RAM, the option of installing multiple graphics cards, and much more.

The Central Processing Unit:-

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the mind that commands your PC. It’s a further component that you shouldn’t stint on since it does plenty of the legwork for gaming however also additional tasks like rendering video and support processing for streaming if that’s your plan.

There are 2 chief producers of processors – AMD and Intel. These producers moreover make a range of CPUs with diverse chipsets. To find out which CPU goes with which motherboard, you need to choose the manufacturer first, and then find out how much money to spend.


RAM is the main memory of the computer. In a gaming PC, it helps the computer act quickly and efficiently while playing. The more RAM you have and the higher the MHz frequency, the faster the computer can run.

Most modern computers run on DDR4 RAM in dual or quad channel format. These, along with the MHz frequency, are something you need to take into account if you want to make sure that the RAM in your chosen motherboard will work.

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