How to Buy JPYM Stable Coin (JPYM)

How to Buy JPYM Stable Coin (JPYM)

JPYM stable coin is a coin designed to keep a consistent 1:1 value with the pegged fiat currency that is in this case the Japanese Yen. JPYM stablecoin is not an investment stock as its value will not appreciate in time. However, it offers liquidity for crypto investors or traders. Often it is used to make payments or make purchases of other cryptocurrencies.

What Is JPYM Coin?

JPYM token provides the functionality of a blockchain-based token without the volatility typically associated with cryptocurrencies.

For traders, investors, and merchants, the integration of JPYM stablecoin provides users with liquidity and a stable option for making digital payments. JPYM is a powerful tool that weights in Stabila blockchain technology. JPYM coins make it easy for non-tech-savvy customers to get on cryptocurrency adoption bandwagon. It provides easy withdrawals or top-ups being used mainly as a payment option. Customers can quickly make purchases using their digital assets. Cryptocurrency platforms and crypto exchanges are constantly growing. The industry is entering its maturing stage. 

JPYM Coin is a stablecoin built on the Stabila (STB) blockchain. Check your transactions in real-time on the Stabila block explorer or your wallet. Stabila transactions are instant so there is no more wait. JPYM stable coin value is pegged to the Japanese Yen. One JPYM is worth one JPY.

What Is Stabila Coin?

Stabila is the biggest blockchain project committed to financial system decentralization. Stabila is the native currency on Stabila blockchain. Stabila is a cryptocurrency designed to maintain a stable value over time. Stabila coin provides the functionality of the blockchain. The integration of the Stabila coin provides customers with a stable and liquid means of digital payment that leverages Stabila blockchain-based technology. Stabila coins allow cryptocurrency adoption and easy withdrawals and are used as payment options, allowing people to quickly make real-world purchases using their digital tokens. Stabila is a reserve cryptocurrency.

What are the objectives of Stabila Blockchain?

Due to many problems with the blockchain industry, Stabila developed a new blockchain as a matured solution to decentralized finance so people can use their tools directly in their business without interrupting the experience. Stabila claims they are on the quest of building the first ever decentralized finance marketplace in the world, combining traditional and smart contracts, blockchain, and future-oriented ideas.

JPYM in the Digital Economy

JPYM or any other stablecoins customers, traders, or investors may find it useful to earn income. Normal practice is lending your JPYM directly on the Stabila Blockchain or on Moneta Digitec Exchange. You can earn compound interest on your JPYM which is considerably higher than the typical bank will offer on an online savings account. 

Where Can I Buy JPYM?

You can buy JPYM at the cryptocurrency exchanges – Moneta Digitec being the best crypto exchange to trade Stabila digital assets.

Being a stablecoin JPYM is a hedge against volatility and does serve the purpose of de-risking when used to get paired with other cryptocurrencies. Many exchanges let their customers buy cryptocurrencies like Stabila (STB), ETH, and BTC using JPYM Coin.

How to Buy JPYM crypto?

It will take you a few steps to buy JPYM crypto. Being responsible while investing and assuming cryptocurrency investment risks:

1. Visit Moneta Digitec cryptocurrency exchange

2. Register on the website and upload your documents and pass KYC (3-5 days) 

3. Create your wallet addresses and deposit crypto assets.

Once you’ve registered on the exchange, you’re ready to buy JPYM. JPYM stablecoin is designed to keep its price pegged at 1:1 to JPY, however, it is still a cryptocurrency that may devalue. When toping your wallet please make sure you understand the risk and at least realize what are the risks regarding your digital assets holdings. 

Store Your JPYM

Once you purchase JPYM, you can keep it in your exchange wallet or withdraw it to your Stabila chain wallet. Stay connected with your assets 24 hours, 7/365. Access it from anywhere. Make payments or transfers anytime you want. Exchange your assets in your wallet. Or you can generate a private key and store it in cold storage. 

What Can You Buy with JPYM?

You can use your JPYM in the traditional sense to buy other cryptocurrencies or pay for goods or services. Make instant payments in any currency you want. Stabila has a great stablecoins ecosystem comprising more than 57 coins as of today making JPYM the best crypto stablecoin to buy now.

Investors and crypto traders know that JPYM or any other stablecoins are not actually high returns investment tools. However, they do represent stable assets less prone to fluctuations in times of great volatility. So users shall regard JPYM as a payment option or means to stabilize or transit risky assets. The cost of transacting on the Stabila blockchain is less than $2 which makes it a highly sought-after service. Stablecoins are indeed less risky assets and with their popularity growing they may become a primary payment option in the close future. 

At the time of writing Moneta decentralized stablecoins are pending the change of status to a financial institution and payment methods are being developed so the assets could easily and instantly be exchanged for fiat currency.

For beginners, it would be useful to make a note that investments in digital assets come with certain risks. When buying cryptocurrencies, please account for risks in your decisions while choosing JPYM as the right buy for you.

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