How to Choose the Front Door of a House?

Front Door of a House

As much as walls, ceilings, and furniture pieces define the character and perception of an architectural project, doors ranging from folding doors to accordion doors play a critical role in building that style. Among all the doors used in houses, the front door is the first tangible element that homeowners and visitors will encounter, acting as the pivotal point where architecture greets the user. After all, first impressions are always important; and the entrance door is certainly one that can set the tone for the rest of the interior. However, choosing the right front door for a contemporary house can be difficult, especially with so many design possibilities. Therefore, before making that decision, it is crucial to know what those possibilities are – and how these can transform the front door into a design statement.

With this in mind, we have defined four major considerations when choosing the entrance door: material, style, color, and size. To help inspire homeowners and architects, we present these through a round up of beautiful modern front doors with a strong and unique character.

Diverse material possibilities


Selecting the right entrance door often begins by defining the materials that will best complement the architecture of a home. To this day, wood remains the classic choice because of its versatility, timelessness, and warm nature-inspired look. The material can be used in a variety of formats, finishes, and styles; from a rustic ambiance with a raw board, to an elegant look with a sleek wood finish. Even though it naturally expands and contracts with temperature changes, with improved manufacture and routine maintenance, exposed wood front doors are very durable and provide that elegant, yet comforting aesthetic that is unmatched.


When it comes to prioritizing views and light, glass and fiberglass doors are ideal, and they are certainly gaining popularity in contemporary residential entrances. Commonly paired with a steel frame, these illuminate homes with natural sunlight while providing a sleek contemporary look. At the same time, by eliminating the boundary between the outside and inside, they showcase interiors and frame landscapes like a beautiful painting. Besides being durable and easy to clean, glass front doors can also be colored, reflecting, or frosted, responding to privacy concerns while maintaining the passage of light. To ensure security, they can be reinforced with window film, laminated security glass, or polycarbonate glazing shields.


On the other hand, steel is often known as the most versatile and cost-effective material for entry doors, offering design flexibility and more durability compared to glass and wood. Steel doors neither expand or contract, are resistant to diverse climatic conditions, and insulate better. Even though these can be repainted and mimic other materials with decorative panels, “raw” steel doors with a rust finish (commonly known as Corten steel) can certainly be aesthetically attractive, especially when creating a modern industrial look.

Different types of door-opening motions


Apart from their aesthetic value, front doors must allow the efficient movement of people and objects. Beyond the standard single hinged door, there are other innovative door-opening styles to choose from. When it comes to making a statement, pivot front doors are ideal for modern homes. Essentially, a pivot door rotates on a vertical axis, generating a freely rotating canvas that adds interesting movement. These can be made of countless materials – such as marble, glass, or metal – and offer flexibility in height, width and weight. Thus, with innovative hardware and easy installation, a pivot door provides functionality and endless design possibilities while creating an elegant grand entrance.


Commonly known as French doors, double entry doors can also create a wide and attractive entrance. Although single entry doors are perfectly functional, there are several benefits of double entry doors to consider. First, they provide a larger access point that can be useful for entertaining or moving large furnishings, giving a sense of welcoming to a larger home and an open feeling for a smaller one. Of course, a bigger space also implies greater exposure to natural light and better views when opened. Because double doors are essentially a pair of single hinged doors that open away from each other, installation is simple and there are countless materials available.


Even though they are mostly used as dividers for interior spaces, sliding front doors are a viable alternative. By opening sideways instead of outwards or inwards, these can provide a smooth transition from outdoor to interior spaces and can be especially useful for cramped spaces. Besides their unique appearance, simple motion, and space saving functionality, sliding doors can be very secure and act as efficient insulators thanks to new technologies.

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