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How To Choose the Right Mannequins for The Store?


It is currently difficult to imagine a clothing sales point without a mannequin. They provide the maximum visibility threshold. The client instantly pays attention to a particular image, passing by the store, or being inside. Mannequins act as advertising tools. They showed themselves on the positive side. Their presence can really affect the profit indicator in a big way. In this case, you must be able to choose correctly.

What should you notice when buying a mannequin for your store? A properly selected mannequin can be safely called the best seller. And you only need to pay for it once so pay attention to the mannequin head and its dimensions. In the future, he will be able to constantly make a profit. It is clear that one mannequin is not enough. It is also important to choose the right images, starting from existing fashion trends.

Tips For Choosing Right Mannequin


In the process of choosing a mannequin, it is necessary to pay attention to several criteria at once. First of all, it is presentability and originality. If the products are not similar to those in a nearby store, then it is likely that they will gather more attention and attract potential buyers.

Ease of Use

Ease of use plays an equally important and significant role. It is desirable that the mannequin is simple in terms of dressing and undressing. In this case, changing the image will not be difficult. When choosing a mannequin, think carefully about how often you will have to change his clothes.

It depends on the quality of fastening of arms, and legs, as well as the type of installation. In the latter case, it is more about putting on shoes. It is important to eliminate any potential complications and ensure the process is fast.

Temperature Resistance

A big plus is if the mannequin is able to withstand exposure to high temperatures. In this case, clothes can be steamed directly on it. Rumpled things are unlikely to cause delight. Everything should be nice and neat. Well, if there is an opportunity to adjust the height of the placement of the mannequin. We are talking about the presence of a special podium. The service life of the product largely depends on the quality of the stand. It should be aesthetic and fit into the concept of the hall.

How to choose the size of a mannequin if you sew to order?

With how to decide on the size of a mannequin for yourself – everything is clear: you need to focus on your parameters. Choose the most appropriate size. And if necessary, adjust the volumes with overlays. But what to do when you sew to order?

Running dimensions

The easiest option is to take the popular ones. For most girls, the most common sizes are 42 and 44. They can be used to sew versatile things that will fit into the SM size range in the mass market. If your clients are of other sizes, then focus on them. Analyze what things are ordered most often. Choose the mannequin that meets the parameters of most of your customers.

Use overlays

We have been working for a long time to ensure that the parameters of the mannequin correspond to reality as closely as possible, so we came up with special overlays. You can even take several sets and increase the mannequin by several sizes.

How to choose the right tailor’s mannequin?

All tailor’s mannequins are divided into three types:

  1. Mannequins with a fixed size (mannequins of this type correspond to a certain size and are made in accordance with GOST standards)
  2. Sliding mannequins with adjustment in given sizes
  3. Mannequins with smooth size adjustment

A common disadvantage of retractable mannequins is the instability of the shape in the extended state, as well as the inability to design products on such mannequins using the dummy method.

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