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How to choose the right water filter

Modern society has long been informed about the deterioration of the environment. The natural desire of a person is to reduce the harmful effects of the environment on himself and his family. As for air, it is quite difficult to clean it, which cannot be said about water. Read about Brita faucet filter leaking.

What are the dangers of running water?

Plain water that flows from the tap is most likely taken from the nearest fresh water source. It can be rivers, reservoirs, and other water reserves. For its disinfection, a small amount of chlorine is used, which should kill bacteria, as well as clean water pipes from the appearance of scale and organic deposits on the pipe walls. However, chlorine cannot cope with a large number of living elements in the water. Thus, the consumer receives untreated water with a high content of chlorine, in which parasites live. Learn more about Brita water tastes weird.

What are the ways to achieve proper water purification?

The easiest way is to install water filters, the price of which will depend on the type. When choosing a filter, you need to pay attention to the amount of purified water consumed and the quality of the flowing water. After that, you can start choosing a cleaning system. There are several types of such systems:

  • storage or jug ​​filters – those that everyone is used to putting in the kitchen. For domestic purposes, it is quite enough, the main thing is not to forget to replace the filter itself on time;
  • flow filters – installed parallel to the water supply system under the sink and have a separate faucet. The quality of cleaning and throughput is higher than that of pitcher filters;
  • flow filters for water with ultraviolet lamps irradiate it after cleaning while killing a significant amount of bacteria;
  • ion-exchange filters are adapted for hard water. They enrich the water with sodium and hydrogen, and heavy salts do not pass to the consumer;
  • membrane filters provide the highest quality of cleaning compared to previous systems. The operation of such a filter is based on the phenomenon of osmosis. Those. impurities are not able to overcome the membrane and get to the consumer, and the water is purified at the molecular level and does not contain bacteria.

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Where to buy a water filter?

It is worth contacting specialized stores, where the buyer will be consulted about each type of filtration system, told how to use them, what cleaning they are intended for, etc. You can also contact specialized online stores, where there is always a large assortment of water filters, the price is indicated for each model, and there is also an accessible and complete description of them.

Do not neglect your health and the health of your loved ones, especially if there are children in the family. A simple cleaning filter will protect your family from unpleasant bacteria, remove all harmful substances that are not broken down by the human body, rid the water of odor and give a pleasant taste of pure natural life-giving moisture.

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