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How to connect JBL speakers to iPhone

How to connect JBL speakers to iPhone

So, you probably have bought a JBL speaker and want to know how to connect JBL speakers to an iPhone, right? Yeah, I knew it, that’s why I decided to write an article for you to help you learn a whole process that is an easy one where you won’t need any technical knowledge about electronics.

Make sure you read word by word and follow all the instructions thoroughly, and I can guarantee you will be able to connect JBL speakers to iPhones within a couple of minutes. So let’s get to the main topic and learn the whole process.

5 steps to learn how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone

The process is not lengthy; all you need to do is follow these steps and act accordingly so that you can connect your JBL speakers to an iPhone within minutes. The 5 steps mentioned below will help you learn the whole process: buckle up the seat belt and start focusing. Let’s go!

1. Turn the speaker on

So, how to connect JBL speakers to an iPhone? The first and foremost step is turning on your speakers and ensuring they are powered on. Only then can you connect them with your iPhone. Don’t know how to power JBL speakers on? Don’t worry; just navigate the power button and press it once. It should be a button with a circle and a line from one side.

As you press the button, you should be able to see the backlight blinking for a couple of seconds (it depends on the model of JBL speakers. How long will they blink and what would be their colors, either white or blue. But what if you continuously press the button and the speaker switches off?

It’s normal as the reasons behind not turning are very common and you can address them easily. These two reasons include damaged buttons and low battery levels. So how would you know which reason is the real cause? Well, if either static or blinking red light, that would mean that your JBL speakers do not have enough charge and the battery is drained, so if you see that, put your speakers on charge and wait until the battery is charged sufficiently.

Now follow mentioned below steps for charging JBL speakers

· First you need to navigate input covers on the speakers

· Locate the charging port that should be on the left of a speaker

· Plug in charging cable via charging port

· Plugin adapted in the ac power socket

· Wait until the battery is charged sufficiently or fully.

In case of a full battery, JBL speakers illuminate its LED lights. When you see that immediately remove the charger to avoid overcharging as it will damage your battery and reduce its life. If the problem persists and you cannot switch speakers on, its power button should be damaged. In that case, show it to a certified repairing person who will repair the button and you will be able to use it.

Remember that repairing a JBL speaker’s button is not a challenging task and should not take hours, so tell the repairer when you visit him (to ensure he does not waste your time). Now that your JBL speakers are working fine and switched on, let’s jump toward the next step.

2. Tap the “Bluetooth” button on the speaker

The second step of how to connect JBL speakers with the iPhone is Bluetooth. So, before going towards your iPhone to connect it with JBL speakers, you first need to turn it on and press the Bluetooth button so that it permits other devices for a connection. Remember that connecting a JBL speaker to an iPhone is simple, so just put the speaker on pairing mode. As a result your iPhone should be able to detect and connect JBL speakers.

Remember that a new JBL speaker will not require further steps when you want to connect them to the iPhone because brand new models have the exact setting, which means that once Bluetooth is turned on, the iPhone will automatically detect and connect to it. On the contrary, if your JBL speakers are used and unable to connect automatically, follow the steps below.

· Navigate the Bluetooth button on JBL speakers

· Press it for 3 seconds

· You should now see LED lights blinking white. It means you can now use your iPhone to connect as it is now in source searching mode.

If you notice that your JBL speakers automatically connect to other devices as soon as you switch Bluetooth on, then don’t worry because it’s normal which means that your JBL speakers recognize that device to whom it automatically connects. So if you don’t want this you can go to the connected device and unpair the JBL speakers from there.

3. Enable iPhone Bluetooth

Now that you are done with the settings on your JBL speakers it is time to set your iPhone and connect JBL speakers to iPhone. First, enable Bluetooth, which will show you all the available devices that your iPhone can connect with for more information in this regard kindly head towards the mentioned steps below.

· If your iPhone is already connected to other devices, make sure you disconnect or unpair them because you cannot connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

· Navigate JBL speakers among all other available devices

· Click on JBL speaker and it should connect with them

4. Choose from all available devices list

By now you have enabled Bluetooth on both devices, I.e., JBL speaker and iPhone. In your iPhone, you should be able to see all the available devices including JBL speakers with their model names, for example JBL Flip 3.

Once you find your desired device, just tap on it and it will get connected; however, if you can’t find it, simply refresh the list or you can restart your JBL speakers and again enable Bluetooth in this way you will be able to find and connect your iPhone to JBL speakers. Once you tap the device, it will show a notification of “connected” in front of the device’s name.

5. Play music using your iPhone

By now you have gone through the process of how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone and that’s the last step where you can finally play your favorite music and podcasts while listening to them on your JBL speakers.

After successfully establishing a connection between your JBL speakers and iPhone, you will hear a sound saying “congratulation,” which will confirm that both your devices are connected and you can now use them.

Final words

Suppose you ever wonder how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone, bear in mind that it’s a simple process even simpler than reading this blog and in case there are problems with either JBL speakers or Bluetooth connection in your iPhone. In that case, you can simply address them with the solutions provided in the blog.

Thank you for reading!

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