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How To Create A Professional Website In 2023

how to create a professional website

Do you need a website for your brand or project? Do you want to create a website to give your online business visibility? It’s a big decision. Today, not being on the Internet is equivalent to not existing. If you want to grow, you must be. I will tell you everything you need to know about how to create a professional website.

Why create a website?

A professional website helps you:

√Gain visibility and new clients.

√It allows you a better connection with users.

√People from all over the world can find you.

√It makes you look professional and gives you more credibility.

√You can sell online or offer services without having a physical location.

√And you save money and time.

√You have your own independent space where you can upload your content (you are 100% owner, unlike social networks, where you depend on the company’s guidelines or you can suffer extensive crashes)

How to create a website to sell more?

If you want your website to be successful and guarantee growth, the first thing you should do is a planning process.

Ask yourself what you want to get through your website. Perhaps you have an NGO, and you want more people to sign your petitions. Maybe you are a professional who wants to be contacted by potential clients, or maybe your goal is to create an online store for them to buy your products.

The important thing is that you define this point and ask yourself the following questions:

*What information do you want to publish on the website, and in what format? (text, images, video)

*What actions do you want visitors to take on your page?

*What special functions do you require? (online store, forms, blog.)

*What is the aesthetic style that you will maintain?

A great idea in these initial steps is to look for references on similar websites. Look for your competitors or businesses similar to yours. How do they order the information? What data do they provide? And what route do you propose to the user within your interface? What is your aesthetic identity (colors, typography, sizes, slogans, persuasive phrases)?

Recommendation: take pencil and paper and unleash your creativity. Dare to put together a sketch of how you want your website to look. Menu bars, banners, buttons, phrases. Start imagining it and take note of all your ideas. The clearer you are about how you want your website to be, the more prepared you will be for the steps that follow.

What is needed to create a web page?

Domain name

The web domain is basically the name of your web page because it appears in the Internet browser. Some examples of domains are,, and

You cannot create a website without having a domain because it is the address through which visitors can access your website.

And when choosing your domain, make sure it is the same as your brand name. If you notice that the version is not available, try other geographic extensions.

Hosting Service

In addition to the domain, another service that you must hire is web hosting or web hosting. So that? Hosting gives you space on servers so that your website can be online 24/7 and visible to all users in the world.

If you have doubts about this point, I recommend you read our article How to choose a hosting for your website.

Note: prioritize companies that offer you both domain and hosting and contract both in the same place. It will be more practical and will save you future management problems.

Web design

Although with your domain + web hosting, you can, technically, have a website, it will be of little use if you have not defined the content and the form you want to give it.

To begin with, it is essential to design the logo, the main typography, and the colors that characterize it. Remember that your website must reflect the identity of your business clearly and consistently.

It is not about choosing pink or green according to your mood for the day. You must clearly know what the visual design of your website will be like and why.

Many hosting providers provide you with pre-designed templates so you can choose the design of your choice and customize it with your logo, typography, and colors. However, if you want your website to really stand out with a unique web design, the best way is to hire a web designer.

Apps and plugins

You will need to download applications and plugins to make managing your website easier. These are meant to help you if you don’t have programming skills and help you modify web code more intuitively.

Some tools to create a web page that you should have are:

WordPress: it will allow you to manage all your content, text, images, and videos, create new pages, have a blog, and publish posts. It is a very practical and intuitive system (our website uses WordPress, for example).

WooCommerce, PrestaShop, or Magento: If you need to integrate the online store function, you will need to download an application that enables it. These are the best known.

Moodle: if you want to sell courses or teach online classes, a platform like Moodle is ideal for you.

Yoast: it is a plugin for SEO, which will help you make your web page easier to understand for Google robots and collaborates with organic positioning.

Note: if you are only interested in selling products online, you can save yourself the process of creating an entire website and simply design your online store on a specific platform.

How much does a website cost?

Creating a website is not expensive, but you must make sure you choose providers that guarantee a good price-quality ratio. To calculate the cost, you should consider:

The price of registering your domain: is paid annually and varies according to the extension (.com, .es, .net, or the one you choose). You can check how much it would cost you on our domain registration page.

The price of your hosting plan: varies a lot depending on the needs of your website (size, number of files, estimated visits). You can review hosting plans here.

The hosting works as a monthly subscription (just like Netflix, for example). You can pay the monthly rate or make payments for a longer period of time. Instead, you pay for the domain once, and then you do not pay it again until you have to renew it (it is renewed once a year).

Can you create a website for free?

You may see brands that offer to “create a website for free.” However, what they offer you is far from being your own website:

*It has super limited functions (you will not be able to add extra functionalities)

*You will not have your own domain

*They place third-party advertising for which you do not receive revenue

*Does not contribute to your professionalism as a brand

If what you want is to get serious about your website, we recommend you not to waste time with free websites that cannot meet the needs of a professional website.

Steps to create a web page

Let’s see how to create a website step by step:

1. Register your domain.

2. Hire the web hosting plan that best meets your needs (if it is your first website and you do not expect to receive many visits, I recommend you start with a more basic plan, then you can request upgrades).

3. Configure your website from the control panel (there, you can download the applications and plugins you need).

4. Design your website. Upload the main files of your brand, place the text, and design the menu and buttons.

Note: Some hosting providers (the coolest ones) give you professional emails when you sign up for their services. A professional email is one that includes your domain name in it (for example, [email protected]).

This gives you more seriousness and professionalism and increases your clients’ confidence when you communicate with them. Keep in mind that you will have to create them at the same time that you configure your website.

In order not to get fed up with so much text, here are some video tutorials that show you the process so you can see how fast and easy it really is.


Creating a website is a fairly simple process as long as you get what we talked about above. If this post has not been enough and you still have doubts, we will be by your side so that your website is ready and prepared for visits.

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