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How to find the right ASP NET hosting provider in 2022?  

Best ASP Net Hosting

Asp Net, too, is one of the top-performing .NET technologies at present. So, leveraging this platform for functional web and app commodities is in trend. If you are seeking the Best ASP NET hosting services suitable for your .NET product? Here we have enumerated the critical characteristics of the ASP NET hosting provider that are a must-have.

However, before delving straight into the features, here is a brief intro to Best ASP NET hosting.

What is ASP.NET Hosting?

Simply put, ASP NET hosting is a web hosting plan/ service specifically designed to be compatible with ASP NET. As for ASP.NET, it is an open-source framework. As a result, it has been widely used to create dynamic websites, apps, games, and online services having the NET platform at the core.

What to look for in the ASP.NET host? 

Server – Windows or Linux?

Not to mention, .NET technologies, being Microsoft products, are compatible with Windows Server. Therefore, previously and mostly, ASP NET hosting had the windows server. However, it isn’t the case anymore. The intriguing part is that ASP NET is now compatible with other servers. So, individuals fancying Linux can also opt for ASP NET hosting with Linux at the core.

So, you need to look if the ASP NET hosting provider preferably has Windows (robust compatibility with .NET) and Linux servers to host your digital product.

Certified Control Panel 

The host should be providing the certified control panel. Due to Windows being the most used server, Plesk stands the scenario at best. If you signed up with the host supporting Linux as well, then scan over the availability of the cPanel. However, many hosting companies also offer customized control panels.

Installation Support

Many hosting companies prefer to give you the server already installed with the software and programs necessary for the platform or the site. But, in return, they don’t allow other installations. 

What if you are to install a new feature/ software? Also, you might haven’t heard about it, but ASP.NET has a few plugins and add-ons. In order to boost the functionality, you might have to employ other (third-party resources). Even if it isn’t the case, your host should be allowing the user desired installation on the hosting environment. 

Affordable Prices 

If you have a defined budget, it is always better to sign up with the ASP NET hosting provider that has cost-effective plans. However, even if you aren’t concerned about the budget, keep in mind, after starting for once, you have to pay for the hosting continuously, whether yearly or monthly. In short, the hosting cost will hover until you want your websites, apps, games, online services, or whatever to be live on the internet.

So, you might be hitting your bank after some time. To avoid such, why not find the right host with affordable yet reliable ASP NET hosting with SQL server from the start.

Maximum Uptime

Higher hosting uptime can ensure website accessibility at all times. Your customers can be from anywhere globally and can access your site or app anytime. So, it should not have less than 99.9% server uptime at its back and little to no downtimes. Or else, users stop visiting the site even if it has all features from aesthetic design to security and functionality.


Security can’t be compromised at all costs due to the current hacking and threats ratio. For the most part, some noticeable practices include security firewalls & patches and SSL certificates, DDoS protection, real-time scanning, malware detection & removal, etc. All these help save your site and relevant data on the internet. In short, you need to register with an ASP NET hosting provider that knows how to build a comprehensive shield to protect your products from hacking and threats.

Money Reimbursement Guarantee 

The web hosts with the money-back guarantee option attract users the most. Probably for the reason that it leaves the room open to moving to another hosting platform if they are not satisfied with the services. Instead of refund options, some offer you a hosting trial (mostly free) to let you understand and test the quality. Anyway, almost all hosts have distinct paying-back models and time periods. So, you can check for this attribute if the host provides more or less 15 days, 30 days, 45, or 60 days for refunds.

Web Hosting Customer Support 

Hosting support (technical or non-technical) can be essential to users at any time. Otherwise, the sites/ apps with issues, including downtimes, are readily abandoned by the users. Therefore, in case of any hosting issue or query, your host must be available to resolve it right away. You can select the host with availability at all times in real-time. Also, hosts with diverse support channels (tickets, email, phone, live chat) are far better and easier to reach out immediately.

Navicosoft is the Best ASP NET Hosting provider with hosting solutions designed to fulfill all the specific requirements for a .NET platform web or app products. Get its Asp Net hosting with SQL server to store your data and have optimized server space from maximum uptime to security.

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