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How to Publish an Application in the Play Store

How to Publish an Application in the Play Store

Smartphones are one of the essential devices for users. More than 60% of individuals sleep with their phones next to them and check them first thing in the morning. Given the user-phone relationship, startups and entrepreneurs have successfully capitalized on the opportunity by generating applications for nearly anything. Almost every business, even retail retailers, has a mobile app to engage their audience. You’re likely planning to develop your mobile app by now. App builders like make it easy for you to build an app.

Even though other app stores are for launching an app, Google Play is likely the largest and most visited store for Android apps globally. You must work towards app development if you own a business and publish it on Google. Google Play is a centralized platform for distributing, advertising, selling, and analyzing Android app sales. A publisher account is required to publish apps on Google Play. Follow these steps to create a publisher account:

• Go to the Google Play Developer Console to learn more.

• Fill out the form with basic information about yourself as a developer.

• Read and approve your locale’s Developer Distribution Agreement.

• Pay the registration fee of USD 25.

• Send an e-mail to confirm the verification.

After you’ve registered an account, you’ll be able to use Google Play to publish apps.

1st step:

Create a Google Play Console developer account.

The first step in launching an app is to create a Google Play Developer Console account that is active. Choose a developer name that best symbolizes your company on Google Store, then fills out the account’s basic information. Your account will be validated and registered by Google in around two days.

Step 2:

And making one isn’t too tricky. Before you submit an app to the Google Play Store, you must first register a Google Wallet Merchant account:

• Use your developer account to log in.

• Select Reports from the navigation bar.

• Choose from a variety of financial reports.

• Select Set up a Merchant Account Now from the drop-down menu.

• Fill up the blanks with information about your company.

• Select Submit from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Here’s what you should do:

• Select All Applications from the menu.

• Select Add a New Application from the drop-down menu.

• From the drop-down option, select the default language.

• Enter a title for your app no longer than 30 characters long.

4. App testing (alpha and beta)

It is critical to test your software before you release it. It’s preferable to receive feedback on your app from a representative group of consumers. You may try the application now on Google Play.

There are options for Alpha Testing and Beta Testing in the Developer Console’s APK. After uploading your app’s APK file, you’ll receive a few URLs that you can share with the testers. Users can download the app and leave ratings and feedback by clicking on these links. As a result of the input, you can improve your app and optimize it for better performance.

5. Fill in the details of the store listing.

When enticing Android consumers, your app page is significant. Keep the details as little and exact as possible. After you’ve uploaded the APK file, go to the store listing page and fill in the following information about your app:

• Detailed description (up to 4000 characters)

• A brief description (up to 12 to 80 characters)

• Screenshots of the app

• Promotional video

You can also include contact information, category, and more. You can change the store listing details at any time.

6. Include pricing and distribution information.

Now it’s time to talk about pricing and distribution. Enter the pricing of your app using the instructions below:

• Decide if your app will be free or paid.

• Choose the nations you want to target.

• Verify that your app complies with the content rules by checking the boxes.

• Save the information and go to the next stage.


A well-designed Google App page is crucial to the success of your app. With the information shown above, it is evident that publishing an app on the Google Play Store is a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes. So, publish your app on Google Play Store and get started.

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