How to recover Snapchat streaks?

how to recover snapstreak

There’s always a special element for what the app is known for, for Snapchat it’s the ‘Streaks’. Well, for those who don’t know, the Snapchat streak starts when a friend of yours sends a direct snap, and you do the same continuously for three days. After three days, a fire symbol appears right next to the name of that person, and with the symbol, appears the number of days the streak has been started. Once the streak starts, it becomes quite addictive for both parties to maintain it and increase the number of days for the steak. 

There are certain Snapchat awards for crossing a certain number of days of the streak. But the thing with the streak is that it breaks if even one person doesn’t send the snap. But there’s a chance that you can recover your lost streak. Let’s learn how. 

Steps to Recover Snapchat Streaks

Here are steps you can follow to recover your Snapchat Streak:

  • Visit the Snapchat support page and click on Contact Us
  • Under the “How can we help” section, choose “My SnapStreak has disappeared”
  • Then, you’ll be asked to fill in a Snapchat questionnaire, answer the questions there, and click on send

On the questionnaire, you’ll be asked your username, the username of your friend with whom you lost your streak, and the number of streaks at which you lost it. Try to be as accurate as possible here. You can also put the estimated number of streaks in case you don’t remember the exact one, and within a day or two, you’ll get your Snapchat Streak back. 

So this was all about how to recover a Snapchat Streak. To keep your Streak going on, both the parties need to send a direct snap every day and the number of steam will be increased too. 

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