How To See Videos You’ve Liked on TikTok?

It’s been a few years since TikTok was first released. It is now the most popular app for teenagers around the world. Since its first release, the app has gained over 500 million active users every day. 

This app is also incredibly addictive. It is now a new subculture that attracts even more people. It is a great place for users to show their creative side. They can create great videos and share them with the world. That’s why TikTok is so great.

If you have downloaded TikTok recently, you have tried to make a video. At first, all the features may seem a bit overwhelming. However, the more videos you make, the easier it will be to get used to making the videos.

Ultimately, you need to create the best content you can make. However, you’ll need to start sharing videos and check out general public opinion to do that. His idea is essential. It helps you to make better videos.

The moment you start sharing the latest TikTok videos, you have to see how many people have seen them. TikTok has an option to monitor who browses your content. You can also visit their comments and likes.

This is a handy feature if you want to know how your video works. You can see what the community thinks about them. Buzzvoice is the best platform to buy TikTok Likes. Later, you can use their opinion to improve the content you create in the future.

So how do you know who likes TikTok videos? We have created a guide to help you understand it correctly. It’s straightforward. You must be wondering why you haven’t paid attention to it till now. Follow these steps, and you will instantly know who liked your video.

Step 1

Open the Tik Tok app. Here you can watch all the popular videos. The most popular ones are listed first, but you can scroll down if you want to see more videos. To see who liked your video, press the notification button next to the “+” button.

Step 2

Scroll through all the information. Here, you can see who viewed your profile, commented, shared it, and more. Some notifications also show who appreciated your video. Check out the screenshot below to know what you are looking for.

It may take some time to scroll through all this information. But that’s the only way to see the names of people who have liked your video. You can check their content by clicking on their name. Even better, you can return the favor and even like some of their videos.


Now that you know who likes your videos, you’re ready to create even better content. Get feedback from the community, and you’ll be encouraged to make better videos. As you can see, it’s easy to track who viewed and liked your video. Hence, you can use this feature every day to monitor your profile. Efficient and very easy to use.

It is essential to know the basic functions of TikTok likes. The more you identify, the better content you can make. So, go ahead and explore the other features.

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