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How to select sustainable corporate clothing


With global temperatures rising and climate change experts warning us at every turn, we all want to do our part to ensure sustainability. Nevertheless, did you know that many pieces of clothing aren’t sustainable?

If you are at work, you want to wear professional attire. Are both sustainability and looking good in the boardroom feasible? As long as you do your research, it’s entirely possible. Find out how you can dress for success while simultaneously benefitting the environment below…

Taking informed decisions

Being informed about the brand you are buying is the most important thing you can do when choosing sustainable clothing. Nowadays, it’s much easier to find out where and how your clothes are made than it used to be. Research the brand before you shop for corporate clothes. You can easily find out how a brand is ensuring that they are sustainable by doing a quick google search.

It is worth questioning why the company is hiding its sustainability status – is it even possible to find out? One of the signs of a super sustainable company is that they have schemes in place to ensure that, once clothes have been worn well, they are not thrown away, but are recycled or gifted to people who cannot afford clothing.

Smaller shops are a great place to start

Larger fashion brands and fast fashion brands are often not very sustainable. The environmental cost of fast fashion is around 92 million tonnes of waste every year. Therefore, you’d be better off shopping at smaller brands and local stores if you can. Additionally, you will be supporting smaller and more local brands who are doing their best to ensure that corporate clothing is as sustainable as possible.

Check out the reviews

When buying clothing, reading online reviews is one of the best ways to ensure it is sustainable. There are a lot of other business people out there who want to look professional at work and at meetings while also preserving the environment. Browse through sites that let you review brands, or look at sustainability blogs, all of which will give you a good sense of how sustainable a brand is.

Make sure the materials are in good condition

Fashion industry materials can be incredibly harmful to the environment. In particular, nylon and polyester contain petrochemicals that can harm the environment, and they can’t biodegrade very quickly. Thus, they are doubly unsustainable. Consider corporate clothing made of organic materials or plastic waste if you’re looking for more sustainable clothing.

Take good care of your clothes

Once you find a store where you can find great sustainable corporate apparel, you need to make sure you take good care of your clothes. When it comes to sustainable fashion, you, the consumer, are also responsible for ensuring your clothes last as long as possible. Make sure you wash your corporate clothing at the correct temperature so that it lasts as long as possible, so that you don’t have to replace your clothes for months or years.

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