How to Split/Merge PDF File Quickly?

The ability to merge PDF documents is essential to many users so they can create new PDF files, but how can it be done quickly? Find out here. 

When a user needs to merge two PDF files or more it is usually because they want to add information to one that the other does not have. Rather than create a new page to insert into one PDF, the merge function gives users an easier option that saves time and effort. There are more reasons to want to merge PDF documents as there are many reasons to split PDF files. When a user splits a PDF it is usually to take out unnecessary or irrelevant information that the document no longer needs. It could also be to reduce the file size of the document to make it easier to send or store. 

How do I Split a PDF Into Multiple PDFs?

There are many ways to split a PDF file using a variety of tools like sodapdf. A lot also depends on such things as your operating system and budget. For people who have the resources to invest in professional software like Adobe Acrobat, it would seem like the optimal choice. But Adobe costs a lot so it is best suited to those who use PDFs all the time. 

For the occasional PDF user, a web-based application or online freeware would be the best option. These programs are often free-to-use but for a small monthly or yearly fee also give users access to other important PDF editing tools. For users who want to quickly and easily merge PDF files, well-known platforms like Google Docs can yield the results they are looking for without having to buy or download software. 

Using Google Docs, users can open a PDF with the program and then go to the Print menu and select Save As PDF as the Destination. Once the dialog box appears, users can then go to the Pages drop-down menu and select “Custom”. Below the “Custom” option, select the page range of the pages you want to keep, which will then automatically delete the pages outside of that range. 

Users can then Save the file either to their local drive or to their Google Drive or Dropbox account. They can repeat this process as many times as they like except this method does not let users do the opposite and merge PDF documents. For merging different PDF documents there are several other tools available. 

Merging PDF Files with Lumin PDF 

Lumin PDF is an online-based PDF editing program that is also available for download to a desktop or mobile phone for offline use. Lumin is an all-in-one PDF editing tool that not only gives its users the ability to edit or alter PDFs but also lets them merge, split, or combine PDFs in as many ways as possible. 

To merge or split files, users must download the Lumin program to their desktop or subscribe to the service. The process is simple and requires fewer steps than merging a file with Google Docs and at less cost than it would be using Adobe Acrobat. Users need to open the PDF file they want to merge or split in the browser menu. 

Users can merge or split as many files as they want using the tool. Once they have selected the file, they will see a thumbnail view of each page in the document that they want to remove (in the case of splitting a file). After they have selected which pages to delete, users can then save the changes to make the new, smaller PDF file. 

The process of merging PDFs is similar but works in reverse. Users must still select a file they want to merge but then select the pages they want to keep and press the Merge button afterward to create a new file from the selected pages. After the document has merged, users can then save it, download it or send it. 

Adding Single Pages to a PDF File

Adding single pages to a PDF file is an operation that is a bit more complicated than simple merging or splitting. Adding single pages requires more precision than most web-based tools or downloadable programs offer. Luckily, there are a few online tools that do offer the feature on their platforms. 

Lumin PDF, for example, lets users insert blank pages into PDF files that can be filled in later by the user. But inserting a single page is something offered by online sites or with paid software that specializes in this type of function. A site like SmallPDF lets users insert single pages from other files but it is a feature of their premium plans. 

Adobe is also another option for inserting single pages. It is also much easier to do with Adobe, as the program has a dedicated Insert Pages option in their browser menu. Users can simply right-click on the document to bring up the Insert Pages option and then insert selected pages in the dialog box. 

What is the Easiest Way to Combine PDF Files?

There are many ways to combine PDF files that range in difficulty from very easy to more complicated. A lot also depends on what kind of tool someone is using and whether it is paid, free, or based online. The most basic functions, like merging or splitting documents, can be done with something like Google Docs or Lumin. 

The latter, of course, also offers more options than Google Docs, but Adobe offers even more specialized features than either. But even something like SmallPDF lets users perform those Adobe-style changes with their program, even though it is a premium feature and users will have to pay for access. 

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