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How To Use Google Advanced Search

How To Use Google Advanced Search

It’s just a search engine to explore the web! If you are of this perception, let me guide you to think again.

In case you are like me and use Google a lot throughout the day, then you need to be a technology nerd to use the search engine in the least convenient way.

If you are only using Google to input a couple of words and change your search until you find what you are looking for, then I would like to share with you how to use Google Advanced Search and it is not difficult to learn.

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Here is the Google ads tutorial 2020 for better use of the advanced search engine.


Initially, there is not much to see on ‘‘. It seems to be a basic search engine. However, it can be used for so much more. There are three links to the left of the search box: Advanced Search, Preferences, and Language Search.

  • If you click Advanced Search, a page with a variety of options displays.
  • The box marked “All these words” is your standard search box like the one on the first page.
  • There are no words in the box “this exact wording or phrase”. It will include the words in quotes “”. If you type in “Prism is Awesome” in this accurate phrase box, the search would exclude pages with “Is Prism helpful?”. 
  • Numerous people think it is helpful and awesome, but also include “Prism is Awesome.”. I agree.

STEP 2 :

By choosing the “one or more of these words” box, you can look into something or something different instead, but it won’t locate both search terms at the same time. If, for example, you type “Fruits n Nuts”, it will search with “Fruits OR Nuts”. This will include pages about fruits and others about nuts.


This is the “unwanted words” box. It allows you to exclude certain words from your search. It places a – before the word. For example, when you search for “Bass” as in the fish, you could type in “Bass – Sing” to find pages that mention Bass but do not mention singing.


In the drop-down box “Results per Page”, you can choose how many results you need for your search beneath the boxes.

  • The “Language” option lets you choose which language you want the search results to appear in. This choice isn’t essential. You are expected to get results in English when you search an English word.
  • You can select what type of file you want the search result to be by selecting “File Type”. If you want to find .pdf files, then you should use Adobe Acrobat PDF.
  • “Search within a webpage or domain” allows you to search within a specific site or an expansion, such as “.edu”

STEP 5 :

When you need more than just opening up “Date, use rights, numeric range, etc.”.


Press advanced search to see your search results and turn Google on!

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