How to win Fortnite: Tips and tricks for Battle Royale beginners

How to win Fortnite Tips and tricks for Battle Royale beginners

Fortnite Battle Royale takes the same routine as other similar games where you have to be the last man standing. While general battle royale tips will work fine, you’ll also need some Fortnite-specific tips. So, we’ll be sharing some tricks we learned from several hours on this immersive battle royale.

While these tips are meant for beginners, you’ll also learn a thing or two, even as an intermediate Fortnite player. You’ll also need some Fortnite aimbot hacks to help you overcome some of the challenging hurdles you’ll encounter.

6 Beginner tips for Fortnite Battle Royale

Avoid landing with other players.

Avoid the urge to exit the Battle Bus immediately after hearing the horn. This is because you’ll be dropping alongside many other players rushing to secure early loot. Among these other players are advanced players.

You may get killed within the game’s first few minutes if you run out of luck. To avoid such disheartening scenarios, be one of the last few persons exiting the Battle Bus. You might be lucky to find some guns before the tougher battle begins.

Master the battleground 

Your knowledge of the maps will give you an additional advantage over other newbies you’ll engage in combat. Since you won’t be able to learn the entire map in a single match or two, we recommend learning one location at a time.

Important things to look out for include notable POIs, vantage positions, and places with sufficient cover. One location that holds the best loot in the Battle royale is Tilted Towers. Since you lack the necessary skill set for the heated fights common in this area, avoid it.

Focus on two or three weapons

You’ll find many weapons as you run around in the game, killing foes. While you can get almost any weapon you want, we advise that you choose and stick with playing the game with two or three. We recommend three so that you have a balanced weapon set.

You’ll need an SMG or shotgun, a Sniper rifle, and an Assault rifle. The Heavy sniper rifle is rated the deadliest sniper rifle in the game for now and does a great job in ranged fights. For close encounters, Combat will make a great SMG. Lastly, complete the list with the Hammer assault rifle, which is best for mid-range combat.

All loots are not the same.

As you advance in Fortnite, you’ll notice that loots in Fortnite appear in different colors. The colors are grey, green, blue, yellow, orange, and gold. The weapons with the least importance are colored grey and can be easily found scattered across the map.

Gold loot contains extremely valuable weapons and items, also known as mythic loot. This is because they’re the most difficult to come across in the game. If you find yourself at the edge of the circle or an enemy streaming lead slugs at you, you’d better know what’s worth sacrificing.

Use armor and healer potions.

You’ll take damage from many things in Fortnite, including falls from heights, enemy players, and the storm. Luckily, Fortnite also provides payers with solutions to help them stay alive. Some items in the game that can help you with this are Bandages, Med Kits, Shield potion, Slurp Juice, etc.

While the items mentioned above are common, there are rarer ones such as the Chug Juice, Port-a-Fort, and Bush. Chug juice, for example, replenishes your character’s health to the maximum and also gives him a complete shield. 

If you ever chance on any of these, stash them up in your pack. Also, don’t forget to use them after falling from heights or escaping the storm. They’ll also help you if you get injured.


Gone are the days when beginners are entirely helpless when they just get on a new game. Your win or loss starts from when you leave the Battle Bus and where you land on the map. If you don’t have any enemies to shoot at, use the time to learn the maps.

Also, get weapons that serve in any combat situation you get to find yourself. Pick all loots you can find, but know which ones are worth taking the fall for and which ones are not. Lastly, you don’t have to kill all the enemies in the game; save your energy for the last minutes.

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