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Those who do not accept WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions by mid-May will no longer be able to use Messenger. WhatsApp will proceed in stages to urge unwilling users to accept the new terms and conditions. At the same time, WhatsApp has repeatedly stated that the new terms and conditions will not make users worse off in terms of security.

WhatsApp will force users to accept the new terms and conditions, one way or another. These come into force on May 15th. Until then, WhatsApp will keep showing the banner with the new privacy provisions in WhatsApp users, combined with the request to accept them. Should users continue to click away from this display, sanctions will apply, according to an email sent to the TechCrunch published and in WhatsApp carried out his plans for a partner.

For a short time, users will still be able to use the app to a limited extent, for example they will be able to answer incoming calls and see notifications.

No more reading or sending messages

However, you will no longer be able to read incoming messages or send messages yourself. WhatsApp defines these users from now on as “inactive users”.
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These inactivated users can still accept the new guidelines for a period of presumably 120 days. Your account will then be permanently deleted.

WhatsApp had a lot of trouble with the new privacy guidelines and had to defuse them a little after massive user protests and emigration movements, from which competitors such as Signal, Telegram and Threema in particular had benefited, reported. In any case, users in the EU are less affected by them than we are in one previous message had reported. It should be noted that central security features such as the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp remain completely unaffected by the new guidelines.
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