Huge data present from Telecom from Monday

Telekom is giving away one GB of data volume in December

Is there a huge data package coming for Christmas? Telecom is said to be giving away 100 GB to almost all customers from next week. This time, business customers, who are always discriminated against, should also be taken into account, as they did in the spring in the first lockdown.

Most recently, the data gift from Telekom caused some confusion when information about a doubled data gift in December was not confirmed. Now there are again reports about a big Christmas present from Telekom in circulation – a really big one, this time the Telekom gift would be of a magnitude that is otherwise only known from Vodafone.

Telekom customers should be able to surf a full 100 GB in the rest of December. In words: 100 gigabytes. That’s more than most users could possibly use.
The action continues this information from next Monday, December 7th.

Also bookable for business customers

The regular data gift that Telekom has been giving many customers every month for a long time, it comprises a rather neat 500 MB, can only be used by private customers with relatively current contracts and only via the app My magenta (Affiliate link). Private customers should also be able to book the 100 GB Christmas credit via the app.

However, business customers also get a chance: They book the Christmas present via the site All customers with a contract that was not concluded before 2011 can take advantage of the promotion.

And what if that’s an internet duck again? Well – then customers could at least be happy for a short time.

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