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HyperX Cloud Core Wireless review: A quality gaming headset without the fuss

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless review: A quality gaming headset without the fuss

The HyperX Cloud core wireless is a headset that genuinely delivers, remaining on target in terms of audio quality, style, and comfort. A gift is much superior to a promise, and although some headset makers claim their products will do everything, the HyperX Cloud core Wireless delivers. It is also one of the smallest gaming headsets, which means that you won’t have to go through the effort of having to wrangle it into a full satchel or bag.

The phrase “no-fuss gaming audio” may be the headset’s slogan since the company focuses on the most critical aspects of gamers rather than bothering about specific software support. Those interested in EQ tinkering and want to fine-tune everything may find that unsatisfactory. On the other hand, the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless is the perfect solution for anybody looking for a wireless choice that combines lightning-fast connection with superb spatial audio.

The audio quality provided by the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless is on par with that of a more expensive gaming headset, yet it only costs a fraction of what the other headset would cost.


Because the HyperX Cloud Core does not include any software, the only method to control some of its additional capabilities is via the USB hub. This is great for me since I would always choose “no software” over “overly sophisticated software,” and the track record of HyperX’s software suites is not that impressive.

On the other side, this indicates that there are not a lot of customization possibilities available to you with the headset. There are no equalization settings, microphone requirements, or game profiles available. You have control over the audio level, the volume of the microphone, and the ability to activate surround sound. That brings us to an end.

The microphone alone does not impress very much, either. The pickup has a hushed tone, even when the volume is set all the way up, and the overall sound quality has a somewhat distant and hazy aspect. It is enough for online gaming and regular online talks, but it is not necessarily optimized for a competition or a high-stakes online debate. However, it is sufficient for ordinary online discussions.

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless design and build

This is often very encouraging when newly released headphones look like old standbys that we already know and like. The HyperX Cloud Core Wireless is an excellent example since it has a very identical design to that of the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset, except the latter’s headset has bright red earcup holders and a headband that is striated with black and red.

Compared to the other gadget, I much like the Cloud Core’s mainly black exterior style, with the only color coming from the red HyperX emblems on each earcup. This is because the Cloud Core has a much cleaner and more organized appearance. Aside from that, the muted design of the Cloud Core Wireless makes it possible to easily double as a pair of headphones once the detachable boom mic is removed, making it somewhat more adaptable.

There is no superfluous luggage weighting down the HyperX Cloud Core or placing excessive strain on your head or ears. Bulky headsets are inconvenient and can cause pain and discomfort for gamers. The HyperX Cloud Core does not have these issues. It is instantly apparent upon picking it up that it is lightweight in the category; the whole device weighs only 10.4 ounces, which is a fait accompli thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame.

The frame feels robust everywhere, which is a significant improvement over the primarily plastic headband of the somewhat more expensive Razer Barracuda Pro. Additionally, it offers a great deal of flexibility. I was able to pull the earcups apart without much effort until the headband was resting entirely flat; however, as soon as I released go of the headband, the headset immediately went back to its initial position. This durability isn’t that remarkable when you consider products like the Cloud Alpha and the Cloud II Wireless, but given that it just costs $99, it’s definitely a victory that should be celebrated.

Even though the sizes of typical over-the-ear gaming headsets have been increasing this year, HyperX has done an excellent job of keeping the size succinct. In fact, it is constructed with a such meticulous precision that, with the headband compressed, its height to depth ratio is a scant 7.5 inches. It should be no surprise that it is dwarfed by competing headsets such as the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro or the Razer Barracuda Pro, but everything you want is still within easy reach, including the earcups, the headband, and the cushioning. In terms of sound quality, it makes no concessions either.

The round metal earcup holders on the headband have a tactile feel and enable lots of horizontal mobility for the cups. These earcup holders are located high above your ears. However, you should be aware that these parts may occasionally act as finger traps, so while you are clamping the set down on your ears, you will want to keep your appendages away from these parts.

If your ears are used to experiencing luxury, they will discover an experience that is on par with that standard. The earcups of the Cloud Core Wireless feel very silky despite their doughy and squishy exterior. They have HyperX’s trademark memory foam on top of a leatherette material that seems to be the same as what you’ll find in headphones that cost more than $250.

Like the rest of the device, the cups are relatively small, yet they are designed to fit securely over almost anyone’s ears, even the biggest ones. Another good detail that pays benefits in extended gaming sessions is the addition of leatherette padding under the top band, which makes the top of your head as comfortable as the rest of your head.

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless compatibility options

Even though the Cloud Core Wireless was only advertised for use with personal computers, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it is also compatible with the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles. Conveniently, the Quick Start Guide may also include the Cloud Core instructions for the latter. We cannot provide a definitive answer as to why HyperX has remained silent on console compatibility. Regardless, it is a convenient feature that prevents you from having to buy separate headsets for each of your various devices. This is a huge time saver.

I would typically go into great detail about the software enhancements that the headset supports, but unfortunately for the tinkerers among us, the Cloud Core Wireless does not support HyperX’s Ngenuity software app. This means there is no way to modify sound settings such as volume or EQ levels or check the battery status outside the headset. Is this a really significant issue? Because there is no RGB lighting to adjust, and the audio appears to be correctly balanced even without any adjustments, the answer is no.

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless audio performance

The audio on the Cloud Core Wireless is powered by sizable 53 mm speakers, which I found to provide a clear, natural, and full-bodied sound that is likely to please gaming enthusiasts. This was sent via a dependable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal that did not experience any interruptions or interference while it was being transmitted.

If you pay great attention to the tonal range of the audio, you’ll notice that the bass notes don’t go nearly as low as they do in specific headsets (such as the Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X or the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless), but they are still quite powerful and authoritative. The mids and highs hit the mark precisely as planned, as I found out trialing the headset in Elden Ring’s rich acoustic environment. As used in this context, it generated titillating tinkling noises for my character, the Astrologer, and the mids in the soundtrack sounded warm and rounded when the music became more dramatic in combat.

The guttural growls that adversaries made, such as those made by Mounted Knights, were likewise loud and clear. And the random noises of the environment, such as the pitter patter of rainfall and the hoof beats of the sheep in Limgrave, were brought to life with a clarity that contributed to the overall sense of realism in the game.

Moving on to the surround sound experience, the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless headset manages its spatial audio with a third-party software called DTS Sound Unbound. This is possible since the headset employs DTS Headphone:X for its spatial audio. The application imitates the experience that one would have while listening to multiple speaker systems by making use of Microsoft Spatial Sound Technology. As a result, it receives adequate support for Windows and can be simply downloaded from the Microsoft App Store.

The number of games now compatible with DTS Headphone: X is limited because the technology is still in its infancy. However, due to its low audio compression capability, it is currently considered one of the best spatial audio technologies available. This is because it can pack down audio metadata at a ratio of 4:1, which is lower than that of its close competitor Dolby, which compresses at a ratio of 12:1.

After giving the function in Metro Exodus a test run, I found what I heard to be rather impressive. DTS offered immersive sound positioning while keeping distortion to a minimum. Footfalls, explosions, and falling debris noises were relayed via 360 degrees, hinting the action was all occurring around me in real time rather than in the game itself.

The Sound Unbound app was not only simple to operate, but it also gave me the ability to choose between two different spatial audio profiles. The default “Balanced Mode” gave me the most realistic experience possible regarding spatial audio, and the “Spacious Mode” made the spatial audio seem like it was further away.

You will get a free two-year membership to DTS Sound Unbound with a HyperX Cloud Core Wireless purchase, and you will not be required to provide any personal information to do so. Even though DTS Sound Unbound is not generally a cost-free service, you will receive this. After that period, you can continue to use the app by making a one-time payment of USD 29.95 to do so, or you may just let your spatial audio subscription expire since it is not required.

The sound quality of the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless was outstanding when seen in its entirety. The dynamic range and clarity of the sound that could be produced without my having to fiddle with sound enhancement settings, presets, or any other locations that I would typically use to get the same or comparable effects were what I found to be the most fascinating aspect of the experience. When you consider that the price of the headset retails for less than one hundred dollars, this seems to be an exceptionally fantastic deal.

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless microphone performance

The condenser microphone on the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless prevented my speech from being muffled and muddy whenever I used it for audio conversations. The microphone is also particularly ergonomic since it has a vast boom that can be extended to reduce ambient noise and a very flexible design. In addition, detaching it requires minimal effort since it just clicks into and out of position.

HyperX boasts that the microphone incorporates noise-canceling technology, and to its credit, I have never experienced a situation in which background noise became a problem when playing games. Because both Discord and TeamSpeak certified the microphone, connecting it to any of those applications was pretty easy. Additionally, muting it was as simple as pressing the button on the left earcup.


·         Good sound quality overall, with a punchy bass line and crisp mids and highs.

·         Construction lasts and can be taken everywhere.

·         Earcups are padded with memory foam and encased in leatherette, making them very pleasant to use for long periods.


·         No Active Noise Cancellation

·         Metal headband attachments can sometimes trap your fingers


If you’re looking for a high-quality audio experience at a low price, go no further than the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless. Furthermore, it is very comfy, long-lasting, and compact when packed. The enabled spatial audio performs well, giving players one of the most lifelike surround sound experiences available in modern games. Because it works with numerous platforms, you won’t need to purchase a new headset for each system.

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