HyperX has been acquired by HP

HyperX has been acquired by HP

No one saw it coming but HyperX which was previously owned by Kingston has now been sold to HP so we can probably see significantly more gaming accessories from HP in the future.

HP has recently invested more and more in gaming with its Omen brand both when it comes to hardware and accessories, but this time definitely accessories with its acquisition.

Now it is clear that HyperX has been acquired by HP for as much as $ 425 million, but this only applies to accessories such as headsets, keyboards and mice. When it comes to RAM and SSD, this is still something Kingston should work on and maybe what they are best at.

It will be interesting to see how HP and the HyperX gang develop new products in the future, HyperX has honestly impressed with its accessories so I really hope that they keep at least the same quality and features.

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