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iGaming in the 2020s

In terms of time, we are approaching a date that in many ways feels like the future. But the range of gaming services has not necessarily really kept up. We take a closer look at what we can expect in iGaming in the 2020s.

Do you remember Terminator 2? There, August 4, 1997 is presented as the future date when everything would change. Now we are sitting here just over 23 years later and wondering if so much has really happened. Certainly the iGaming industry exploded so completely in the 2000s, with the result that the casino industry grew enormously. Now you have great opportunities to choose one, among other things casino without a break, Swedish casino or whatever you may now want. But has the industry really kept up with the times?

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Greater demand for modern gaming experience

Although the statistics suggest that more and more people choose to play at online casinos, there is a large imbalance between who actually plays. For the largest number of players are actually in the upper age range. And among young people, the casino industry has not managed to attract. This is a development that has been to the annoyance of many companies, and there seems to be some uncertainty regarding what actually makes the younger ones opt out of games for money.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, it’s not about younger people not playing for money. Without simply wanting a gaming experience that is more reminiscent of classic gaming than it is of a casino experience. This insight has begun to flourish in the industry, but poses major problems as the development of this type of game requires considerably more time and commitment than usual casino services.

An industry in change

Many analysts have come to believe that what lies ahead for the casino industry is to find a way to reconcile the gaming and casino experience. From the gaming industry’s side, they have taken small steps towards a casino-oriented experience via loot boxes and similar phenomena. But on the other hand, initiatives have apparently stagnated. Many are waiting for a casino company to take the first step towards a more innovative gaming experience. But the road there has proved to be quite long, and due to investment costs and difficulties in explicitly targeting younger players, it is unclear how everything will develop. What we are sure of, however, is that the casino industry will need to take a new approach if it wants to continue to have a chance to grow. So that these are exciting times is a given, but where everything carries him is highly unclear.

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