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IKEA and Sonos’ new speakers are a work of art

IKEA Sonos Symfonisk 2021

IKEA and Sonos continue their collaboration and this time they have developed a new speaker that has artwork in focus.

The name is retained as it still is Symphonic but the design itself is completely new and so are the speaker elements. This time, IKEA and Sonos have created a speaker that looks more like a picture frame where art decides IKEA, unfortunately, so you can not choose the art itself, at the moment.
The speaker itself is connected via Wifi, unfortunately, Bluetooth is completely missing for some reason, everything is then controlled via the Sonos app and there is support for Airplay 2.

IKEA and Sonos Symfonisk will go on sale on July 15, the basic package that comes in white or black costs SEK 1,795.
If you then want to change the front (motive), it costs between SEK 200-400 per front.

IKEA Sonos Symphony 2021 IKEA Sonos Symphony 2021 IKEA Sonos Symphony 2021 IKEA Sonos Symphony 2021

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