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IKEA Furniture Assembly Toronto – The Ultimate Guide

ikea furniture assembly Toronto

If you’re like most people who own IKEA furniture, you probably hate putting it together and wish someone else would do it for you. Even if you consider yourself to be good at DIY projects, you probably can’t handle the complex instructions given by IKEA and end up spending hours on each individual piece, only to find out it doesn’t fit properly in the end. If this sounds like you, don’t worry!

Consignment stores

IKEA furniture assembly is often sold through resale shops, so you can try and sell your IKEA furniture assembly on a consignment basis. Try to find a local store that carries gently used IKEA furniture assembly, offer them your pieces for sale and you’ll get money back if they sell. If not, no worries–you just tried! If you want an easier way of getting rid of unused IKEA furniture assembly Toronto without having to haul it around or set up a consignment shop yourself, look into online classifieds like Craigslist or Kijiji in your area.

Not only will people contact you about possible buyers; but you might be able to make some cash from selling directly from there too! Be careful with pictures of broken or stained items and make sure it’s safe for pick-up at whatever address you list. You never know who might come across these ads and remember: safety first!

Thrift shops

Have you ever bought furniture from a second-hand store? If so, it may have been easier to assemble than IKEA furniture. But there’s no reason to shell out top dollar when thrift shops and garage sales are an excellent way to save money on furniture that’s already assembled. Plus, many thrift stores will throw in a home delivery service for a small fee. In addition, sellers on sites like Craigslist often sell items for significantly less than brand new pieces. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for at a thrift shop or garage sale, try taking your old piece of furniture along with pictures of what you’re trying to match up and go from there—it could be cheaper and just as fun!

Antique stores

IKEA furniture assembly Toronto  is offered by a lot of stores nowadays. But why are they charging so much for what looks like a simple service? When you factor in all of their expenses, it’s easy to see why. Here’s our guide to what antique shops need to charge to stay in business and deliver quality services. It might surprise you just how costly IKEA furniture assembly can be! 

#1: Advertising: You might think that if your store offers great prices on IKEA furniture assembly Toronto then more people will come flocking to your shop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite that way…You still have to find customers for your products (read: advertise).

#2: Employees and Benefits: Your employees expect benefits including vacation time, health insurance packages, and paid sick days. While advertising money helps attract new customers with good deals on IKEA furniture assembly; spending money on health insurance packages does not! 

#3: Transportation & Supplies Suppliers: Good transportation companies will allow you to ship over raw materials (i.ewood) at relatively low cost or let you sell IKEA furniture assembly Toronto without paying additional transportation fees once completed.


Though IKEA furniture seems simple and straightforward, you may need a helping hand. Craigslist is a great resource for finding people who are willing to help with Ikea furniture assembly and other related services. If you have time, you can also post ads on your own asking for volunteers or paying them per hour of work. Also read reviews on each person/service before hiring them in order to make sure they’re professional and trustworthy. This is especially important if you’re having an item delivered from a third party (like Craigslist) instead of picking it up at an actual store. A lot of criminals look to prey on new homeowners, so be careful! And remember that there are resources available even when working independently! 

If you’re ordering online, there’s usually a number provided along with details about how to contact customer service should something go wrong. For example, Amazon Prime allows customers one free return within 30 days; just make sure not to throw away any packaging until then! Ordering online but don’t want an entire bedroom set? Just buy one piece of furniture—or as many pieces as you can fit in your car—and return it later once things arrive safely. You’ll save yourself some money and earn some good karma when returning that busted dresser because no sane person wants to put together particle board furniture anyway . . . right?


If you know how to assemble furniture, you can join a group called Freecycle and earn points by giving out used furniture. After accumulating enough points, exchange them for free IKEA furniture assembly Toronto services. And that’s not all; as a reward for your efforts, you will also receive used items from other members of your local community. Since you have donated these items, they are worth their weight in gold. You can offer them to people who need them without spending an extra dime! Take control of your space with our guide on IKEA furniture assembly today.

Garage sales

If you’re not a fan of pre-existing furniture, but still want to save money on your new home’s decor, garage sales are a good place to look. People usually get rid of furniture when they move and if it’s in decent condition, you can often find some great deals. For example, if you’re looking for an entertainment center or an end table for your living room, garage sales may be your best bet. I’ve also seen people listing free stuff online—mostly couches and tables—so keep an eye out!

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