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IKEA releases babysitter Avoid

IKEA Avoid is a new babysitter that comes in two parts. You carry one with you at home and the other you place close to the child. It’s not trickier than that.

The parent unit is small enough to be able to be carried in, for example, the jacket pocket or fastened with a carabiner hook in the trousers. The unit has a soft rubber ring that makes it easy to hang on hooks and it has a built-in microphone that allows you to talk to the child.

A convenient thing is that the parent unit is that it can be “tracked” with the help of the baby unit. With the push of a button on the baby unit, a signal is sent to the parent unit that plays a sound. Then you can search with your ears and locate where it has been hidden.

The BABY DEVICE has many smart functions and is so small that you can put it in your pocket. A safe solution that allows you to move freely at home and still keep track of your baby’s smallest sound.

IKEA Avoid has a range between the units of 300 meters in clear view. If they lose contact, a red light will illuminate and the devices will sound a warning signal.

You connect the baby unit to the wall socket and it acts as a charging station for the parent unit. Just place the latter on the baby unit and charging will begin. It also works to charge separately with USB-C, and both devices also work on charging.

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To use Avoid, a total of six rechargeable AAA batteries are required. IKEA sells compatible batteries with 900mAh in 4-pack for SEK 69. The batteries are placed under a cover on the back.

The only color choice for IKEA Avoid is white and gray. The product is NOT weatherproof, so avoid using it outdoors or in environments where either device is likely to get wet.

The approximate price for Avoid is SEK 349.

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