Incorrect iCloud username can lock the account

A serious but extremely rare bug in Apple iCloud seems to have locked out at least one user for more than six months. Actress and author Rachel True claims that her account has been locked for several months due to the bug.

  • No comment from Apple – yet
  • The name True is misinterpreted as the boleann value “true”
  • May have locked out users for six months (!)

The problem in the question is about the surname in Rachel’s name – True. When Rachel’s computer read her last name in lower case, it was interpreted as a boolean value (which can be true or false).

As a result, iCloud crashed and could no longer be used. And Rachel has not been able to gain access for more than six months, at least if we are to believe her own words.

According to Rachel, she has spent whole hours trying to fix the problem with Apple’s help. The only result is zero help and that Apple continues to charge for the services she should have access to.

IF this bug actually exists and Rachel True is affected so badly that the iCloud account stops working due to a last name, then Apple really has a lot to be held accountable for.

And speaking of Apple, there are no comments from the Cupertino company. At least not at the time of writing.

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