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Indoor navigation format becomes industry standard

Indoor navigation format becomes industry standard

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Apple’s format for indoor navigation applications is raised to the open community standard of the industry: It offers numerous advantages in the creation of indoor navigation applications and Apple already offers indoor navigation based on the format in various locations within its map application Apple Maps.

Apple’s indoor navigation format Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) is becoming an official community standard of the Open Geospatial Consortium. This special format makes it possible to hold precise data for navigation indoors, in which no GPS coverage is available. Apple has been using IMDF for some time in its Apple Maps app.
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According to the, IMDF is interesting Representatives of the industry association its openness and expandability, a discipline that is often less of Apple’s core competency. In this case, however, Apple is exemplary: building operators and companies can expand IMDF to suit their own needs and objectives for navigation applications for their properties.
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Both public functions and functions that can only be used by your own staff can be mapped with IMDF in the future.

WLAN instead of GPS

In the open air, GPS or the satellite-based navigation systems that are now also available are used to determine the location, but this is not possible in closed rooms, especially in larger complexes. Instead, interior navigation often relies on other available signal sources, including IMDF. Existing WLAN networks are used here.

In order to set up a navigation solution, the building operator first has to use a special app to record the frequency patterns of the existing WLANs in his property. It should then be possible to determine the position with GPS accuracy. Apple Maps already offers indoor navigation in selected public places such as shopping centers and airports; for a long time, its use was limited to a few locations in the USA and Japan. It is now also available at German airports such as Frankfurt.

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