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Intel Core i9-11900KF reaches almost 100 degrees – despite water cooling and no overclocking

A user who claims to have obtained the new Intel Core i9-11900KF has tested the temperature levels with the stability test in AIDA64.

And this processor gets really hot when pressed. Despite a large water cooler (AIO with radiator of 360mm) and no overclocking, the temperature gauge stayed at 98 degrees.

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During the test, a maximum power consumption of 250 watts was measured.

The motherboard used was an Asrock Z590 Steel Legend and the maximum speed stayed at 4,788 MHz in the test where the processor was powered by 1.4 volts.

The test in question is called “Stress FPU” and is extreme at all levels. All cores in the processor draw up to 100 percent and are used to calculate floating point units with the AVX instruction.

Nothing happens in normal use contexts, so you should take the result at 98 degrees with a big pinch of salt for the average user.

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Hot processor that goes above 80 degrees is not uncommon. The latest Ryzen processors, for example, are designed to reach up to 90 degrees without any problems.

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