Intel has now introduced Rocket Lake with new architecture

Intel has now introduced Rocket Lake with new architecture


The day has finally come when Intel presents a new processor family which this time is based on a completely new architecture.

It took Intel five years to finally come up with a new architecture of its processors, but now it’s finally time.

Rocket Lake is based on the completely new architecture Skylake, which unfortunately will still be based on 14-nanometer technology, but here Intel has still managed to get many functions and get good performance in its processors. That they did not go over to 10 nanometers should be because Intel had problems with manufacturing and then chose to keep 14 nanometers.

With the help of Skylake, the clock frequency on most processors in the Rocket Lake series has become significantly higher.
Intel has managed to raise the clock frequency to 5.3 GHz without any overclocking.

Intel has chosen to equip Rocket Lake with a maximum of eight cores and the reason why there are not more is that the circuit itself would be far too large, because there is an integrated graphics part that Intel does not want to get rid of, they simply had to settle for eight cores this time.

Intel Rocket Lake

With the help of Skylake, we get, among other things, new memory controls that have continued to support DDR4, but the clock frequency is now increased instead from 2,933 MHz to 3,200 MHz. If you want to overclock your memories, Intel says that this should be relatively simple and painless, but as usual at your own risk.

We will still benefit from the Socket LGA 1200 that we previously recognized from the “Comet Lake” Core 10000 series, so if you already have a motherboard with the control circuits Z490 or H470 today, this is backward compatible with the new processors from Rocket Lake.
However, if you sit on the B460 or H410, these will not be supported.

Intel Rocket Lake

PCI Express 4.0 is a matter of course at Rocket Lake, however, there is some nice news and improvements. Among other things, it will provide support for full bandwidth for an x16 graphics card or full bandwidth for X4 if, for example, you want to maximize your SSDs in NVM Express.

As usual, there are several different processors in the Intel Core 11000 series to choose from and you can see them all in the list below.

Intel Rocket Lake Intel Rocket Lake Intel Rocket Lake

The prices for the new Rocket Lake will vary as usual, if you are hungry for the flagship Core i9-11900K, the price tag will end up at just under SEK 6,000, if you are satisfied with the Core i7-11700K, the price will end up at around SEK 4,500.

The launch of Intel’s new Rocket Lake 11000 series will go on sale on March 30, and we can only hope that there will not be as great a shortage of these processors as there is with the graphics cards.


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