iOS 14.4.1 is no longer signed by Apple

iOS 14 is installed on 80% of all active iPhones

Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.4. Users can no longer revert to an earlier version of iOS if they have already updated to iOS 14.4.1. Except for a jailbreak, there are only a few reasons to do this.
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Apple recently stopped signing iOS 14.4. This means that users are no longer able to revert to an earlier version of iOS after downloading and installing the update to iOS 14.
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With iOS 14.4.1 Apple recently closed a serious loophole in the WebKit browser engine. This enabled an attacker to put code on an iPhone using a manipulated website.

The main reason for reverting to the previous version of iOS is a jailbreak

Updates have also been released for macOS Big Sur and its predecessors, as well as watchOS. However, very few users should have reasons to revert to iOS 14.4 or earlier. The only exception is the use of a jailbreak, which often no longer works after an update.

Meanwhile, iOS 14.5 is already in beta and is expected in a few weeks. The new version brings some new features such as unlocking the iPhone with Face ID despite the mask on the face.
The update also brings new features to Apple Music and the ability to specify an alternative streaming service for playing songs through Siri.

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