iOS 14.4 introduces a new notification dialog

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In the future, the iPhone will show a message when the camera has been repaired and no original replacement parts have been used. According to Apple, repairs should only be carried out by Apple itself or its authorized service providers. IOS also shows comparable warnings when using non-original displays and batteries.

Apple is probably introducing a new warning against non-original replacement parts for the iPhone. iOS 14.4 Beta 2 includes a new warning on how Steve Moser discovered by MacRumors first. It affects the iPhone’s camera: If it was repaired and either no original replacement part was used or the repair was not carried out by a certified workshop, the iPhone displays a corresponding warning.
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This is shown in the settings on the one hand, but it could also appear on the lock screen for a short time. The warning contains a link to a support document in which Apple states that repairs should only be carried out by trained specialists from their own service network.

Various warnings about spare parts

This is not the first warning of its kind: Apple had introduced similar instructions for non-original batteries and displays that are displayed by iOS. They do not affect the functionality of the devices, but Apple would like to use these messages to protect itself in the event of possible malfunctions that may result from spare parts from third parties or improper repairs.
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Repairs can be made at the Apple Store, an Apple Repair Center, or an Authorized Service Provider.

For some time now, independent workshops have also been able to obtain original components from Apple and get certified for repairs. Like us in a further message reported, the requirements for participation in this program are very strict.

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